11v Battery Metal Gear Shred

So I shredded my nylon gears using an 11v battery. Going to upgrade to a metal gear/gearbox M4.

Will the metal tolerate the constant use of a 11v battery, or will it shred also down the track…??


How heavy is the spring? Been running 11.v in nylon gearboxes without a problem until I went to M110 spring when it stripped (CYMA)

CYMA M4 - Standard spring from new. Don’t play games with it, just muck around in the backyard.

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The 11V will wear out your nylon gears quite quickly purely from the increased stresses from higher RPS, regardless of what spring you run.

There’s many nylon geared blasters out there running 11V quite well, but there’s also much more stress on your gears/piston rack if continually used in semi/burst fire compared with just full auto at everything :joy:

Like a motor vehicle, lots of stop/starting wears everything out much quicker than just cruising along at long running speed.

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So running a 11v battery on metal gears won’t shred them ever…??..or just last longer than nylon gears…??

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As long as the metal gearbox is all built/shimmed/clearanced correctly, they will last quite a long time, even on high FPS/RPS with modded springs/electrics/motors etc.

But like any blaster, nylon or metal, longevity will depend on how well you treat it and routinely service/maintain the components :+1: