3dg e017

Bought the 3DG E017 glock from tac toys the other day, I’m not sure where to get aftermarket internals for it, I’m also not sure what to get. I want a bit more range and power, she needs to bruise more. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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Unfortunately, you bought a piece of dead-end tech. There aren’t any. You might get some better FPS by throwing in a better O-Ring, but there’s no springs, gears, etc built specifically for it.

I stand corrected, there are gears at least.

Alright, thanks. I’ll look at them now. Will they have a big difference on performance? And will the O-ring affect performance?

Are they those gears?

And what are these actually good for? I’ve seen 1 with the barrel like that in there and it felt alot better then stock, but would it affect performance at all?

Upgrading your O-Ring will provide a better air seal, and give better FPS. Results vary on how much of an upgrade it actually is.

Hop-ups are sort of like rifling but for gels. Instead of a sideways rotational spin, it provides a rearwards one, improving accuracy and range. Usual performance gains with a well tuned hop-up on a rifle are 5-15 metre range increases, and the ability to hit a 1 metre diameter target at 20 metres range.

Gears will provide better reliability if upgrading your spring or battery as it will be able to withstand the strain better. Given the 3DG is designed to work on one battery and one spring, it would most likely be a useless upgrade. You may want a spare set of gears in your back pocket in case the factory ones break, though.