A&K PKM (S) LMG gel blaster

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With a hefty price tag comes a hefty gel blaster. The A&K PKM is an impressive looking beast from the soviet era. This replica includes some nice touches like the front sight adjusting tool that screws into the rear stock. The tool itself is nicely made and all metal. Included is a small amount of dummy rounds in link to help with immersion and hiding battery wires. The dummy rounds aren’t held in securely and will quickly be lost in the field unles they are cable tied in or otherwise secured.
My first impressions were, it’s not as heavy as I expected and not as long as I thought it would be. 7.5kg is the actual weight with gels, drum and battery installed. This thing is still a beast in size and weight. Not something to run around with but more to be used as its intended. Suppression and supporting fire.
I quickly found the carry handle to have a design fault which allows it to damage the outer barrel. Should be an easy fix but disappointed that its a flaw. The carry handle is designed to contact the outer barrel assembly and hold at that point but the plate is either too short or the mounting hole is not in the right position to allow positive contact as the handle swivels into its stop. The plate being too short means it skips over the edge its meant to stop against. Relocating the mounting hole or making an extension to the stopper plate are possible fixes.


I’m waiting… this is going to be good :wink:

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The dummy rounds are metal which is nice, I expected them to be plastic.

No fancy hard case for this one, probably got fenced by the soviet quartermaster :saluting_face::rofl:

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The magazine is a fairly good replica and attaches easily by hooking into the underside of the receiver and then pivoting into the locking catch. Battery space holds a Titan 11.1V nungchuck battery with ease and still a littl room to tuck the wiring in before hiding wires further with the dummy rounds.

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Stated magazine capacity is 3800 gel balls. The magazine can be filled from the main lid before fitting to the blaster or next to the battery compartment when its attached to the blaster.
Underneath the magazine you’ll find a switch with 3 positions. Off, mag prime, run. On intial test firing through the chrono the magazine feeds cery nicely. I was using I hobby orange packet gels grown for 3 hrs. No size sorting just all poured in.


Instruction sheet is rudimentary but helpful.


The handle flaw is frustrating. If the mounting hole was half a hole higher it would work as intended.

You can see the skid mark where the tab just skips over the lip its meant to butt against.


The overall construction is thankfully much better than the carry handle. Timber is solid and nicely finished. No wobbles like the recent MP44 was known for.
Very few plastic parts, mainly magazine internals.
Trigger feels nice, safety switch has positive detention locking it in either safe or send it. Adjustable gas block also has nice detention, doesn’t do anything but its another nice detail for immersion.


Test firing was done briefly using I hobby orange packet gels. Grown for 3 hours and not size sorted. Stated barrel ID is 7.5mm. I dont have vernier here at work so I cant verify. Magazine fed really well while test firing. Not able to give opinion on range and accuracy until I can test in daylight at home probably this weekend.
Fps was around 300-330 with obvious anomalies and deviations cos… gels.
Variable fire rate did change, will play around with that some more on the weekend. Slow was around 700RPM and fast was around 1000RPM.


Very interesting, looks the goods. Thanks for the expose` :+1:

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Overall I’m very happy with it so far. Time will tell I guess. Cant wait to take it to a proper milsim game.


Cool Cool…

It wouldn’t be medinchina, if you didn’t have to fuck with it…!!
Glad your happy with it, so far…!!
What are your thoughts, about long term barrel flex.?

Looks like mag on yours fits like the mk-46, sliding and clipping in underneath.
This makes for secure attachment, and quick release.
Also, a central undermounted magazine is less intrusive…
The m60 , with the mag protruding on one side, is more bulkier…

Your dead right, these aren’t run’n’gun blasters, but more stationary suppression jobbies…crank up that rate of fire…!!

Keep the updates coming, then we can discuss the joint custody arrangements…!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


When its resting on its bipod, im guessing the rear stock is contacting the ground?

If thats the case, due to the differing geometry, your quick and easy fix to avoid flex, would be brace under the pistol grip…

Thats closer to middle overall, putting a wedge in underneath, should remove most of the flexing load…


The gearbox looks chunky. Be interesting to see that one day.

It does indeed. Im not pulling it out until i have to though :rofl: it runs so nice ootb and im no Low Guido :zipper_mouth_face:

Speaking of attention to detail, even the tripod mount is functional. Cant fire it though cos the mag needs to be mounted there. @BME barrel flex gone :rofl: (not my blaster, one of the other Milsimmers)


Ease up…

You’ll have @Deadsquid running dry, and blowing bubbles…!!!

Where did you/they get the tripod from…??

Damn that thing looks so good!
I love my Soviet era LMG’s, and like the ZB26, I would have sold my own Grandmother to be able to get hold of one of these! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Im guessing , he got it from overseas…??

Hows customs, on importing parts like these…?? :face_with_monocle:

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$750 USD, most likely closer to $1200 AUD including conversion rate and shipping! :flushed:

I don’t think Customs would have any issues with such a contraption, but it’s a fairly hefty bet to lay out on the table if they do!

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