AA12 Shell Ejecting Shotgun

Picked up one of those new AA12 from X-force yesterday, haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet but will update as I go.
For now some preliminary pics and observations

The gel version comes with an inner barrel that is held captive by the muzzle, the shells are the same sort as the AKA shells with the gels being in a line, I could fit 6 comfortably.

I got a faulty unit right off with it missing that black rubber on the inside face of the inner barrel, so the shells wouldn’t seal, but X-force swapped it, it looks like it’s just glued on so its only a matter of time before it comes off.

Good battery space and will hold a full length stick wired to mini Tamiya. Comes with a 7.4v but for some reason it refuses to run on 11v batteries, only 7.4v.

Haven’t had time to open it up yet, there’s a number of screws that seem like they hold it together but upon removing them nothing budged, oddly there’s nothing on the Butt end seeming holding it together but it’s got no give as if it’s been glued, but will have a more thorough try when I get enough time.



Typical QC of a china build…
Pay a fortune, and get one with bits missing!!

Gotta love Gel…!!

Keep the updates coming…

Mine won’t even work with the battery plugged in, sent it back already :pensive:

You can hear the motor trying to do something on the 11, that little tick noise like it’s pushing on a gear, but it doesn’t cycle or anything.

Can’t imagine there’d be a FCU in there limiting the voltage or something.

Faults aside, that does look the shit! :heart_eyes:

Damn… might have to add another to the list :thinking: