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Hi guys, after several days I have managed to finish an adapter piece for any Gen 8 handguard :muscle:t2::muscle:t2: it fits perfectly and closes perfectly I made the piece to save others time in designing their own handguard, you would just have to download and In your design program, paste the part that anyone who wants or needs it already makes, talk to me and I’ll pass it on for free… since I’ll put it on Cults3D for sale as an adapter for gen 8, greetings to all


I show you my new 3D printed handguard 400mm long, printed in 3 parts, two handguards and an internal joint piece designed by me exclusively for Gen8, I am very happy since it has taken me some time, several days of design, 1 day of printing (18 hours), 1 hour to remove supports, glue the 3 pieces and refine the union so that the barrel fits perfectly through it, the final result has been this…


That’s a great result, a serious long boi too! :sunglasses:
What’s the inner barrel length…… 500?

Exactly 500mm internal barrel and inside the handguard is the silencer that I had before :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

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Make sure you do your calculations regarding cylinder/barrel volume ratios to make sure that you are getting the best out of your blaster :+1:

500 mm is pretty huge, especially if 7.5 mm ID on a 100% cylinder :thinking:

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I a few weeks ago :sweat_smile: you told me that the barrel length was indifferent to the barrel length with respect to fps and accuracy :sob: even so, I have already finished the physical project of my m16 handcrafted into an m110 I hope you like it as much as I do :heart_eyes: now there will be I have to take into account what you tell me friend… :sleepy: the cylinder I have is the standard one, the rest is all upgraded, gears, piston, m90 spring (which according to the zhenduo page gives approx 300 FPS and I am giving 230 fps , and finally the cylinder mouthpiece that I have an aluminum one with 2 rubber bands, the compression is too good… I hope it goes well… here is the photo


I hope that my comments were taken in the regards to barrel length doesn’t effect accuracy in a Gelblaster, but is only restricted to the fact that the largest volume available is with a 100% non ported cylinder.

This is the only restriction with volumetric efficiency with any Gelblaster…… shorter/tight bore barrels can be tuned via a ported cylinder to match the reduced air flow required from a short/smaller ID barrel, but cannot make any gearbox/cylinder flow higher than a 100% cylinder to match a much larger barrel volume output.

Your setup looks awesome and I’m sure that you would be very happy with it :sunglasses::+1:

I really don’t know what you mean by cylinder 100% lol if you could explain it to me (keep in mind I’m a newbie) the cylinder I’m using is the m16 BLG cylinder I think I remember from our dear friend Low Guido’s videos it’s a normal cylinder with an airsoft cylinder head, at least that’s what the Youtube translator said hahahahaha it’s so hard not to know English…

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Hope this helps :+1:
Top one is 100% cylinder without porthole
Bottom one has a porthole cut in it

images (25)
images (26)


3D printing is great for cosmetic work and prototyping. You can run into issues if you abuse your blasters on the field or leave in hot temperatures depending on filament type.

Also this is a bit of a grey area in SA as it would be considered manufacturing a firearm, but for you guys up in QLD go ham.


Makes me wonder if even printing non-functioning props for cosplay is legal. To me it’s just so grey area.

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There’s a magic formula that calculates the ideal Volumetric Ratio of your cylinder and barrel size.

This is to achieve the best FPS/Accuracy/performance out of your gearbox.

Too much air pressure will cause all sorts of accuracy problems, whereas too little will effect FPS and accuracy too :confused:

The Volumetric Ratio takes into account how much air from your gearbox/cylinder is required for your gels to travel through the barrel and at the best speed and accuracy.

This is why you will see shorter barrel blasters like CQB’s and SMG’s are advertised with say 60% or 70% ported cylinders in the gearbox, as @Bandit75 has kindly pictured above.

These cylinders reduce the amount of air to suit the shorter barrels smaller volume for the best performance.

A full length blaster/rifle with long barrels require a 100% cylinder, non-ported, because they have to provide the maximum amount of air required to push the gels through much larger volume barrels.

Hence why your long barrel M16 would be fitted with a “full” or 100% cylinder to match.

My comments were that a 100% cylinder is as large as you can get, so by fitting barrels much longer than a 100% cylinder can fill, the performance will drop off if the barrels are too long for the cylinder :confused:

It’s all about balancing everything out so that it all works in harmony with all the different parts :+1:


Just to add if you drop your barrel ID to eg 7.3mm from 7.5mm you will gain some VE and velocity over the 500mm length. Vice versa for a short barrel. All about the volume of air.


thats so awesome, is this your first 3d printed part?

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not at all hahaha I’ve been printing for 3 years, yes it’s true that it’s the first piece I’ve made of 40cm and with union since my printer prints a maximum of 25cm in height

cool, im waiting for my first blaster to arrive. im looking forward to experimenting with it and designing parts

If you need any help here you have me :blush::blush: