Accu-port vs ported cylinder?

Haven’t been into blasters for a while and getting back in, just discovered accu-port piston heads
Anyone have anything good or bad to say about them? I feel like it would eliminate a lot of bull####

I have one in my slr. They work very well.


I’ve been told they work, though I was always advised by a fellow tech that if you can get the correct volume with traditional porting and or short stroking, and matching barrel volume; they are kind of an answer to a problem that didn’t exist. Great idea and product as most of the Aztech stuff is, to me is just something I’ve no requirement for as I can volume and ratio match and aoe correct with parts choice and maths/prior knowledge.

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Nobody can answer this question except yourself @First_dead

It’s a great product that will perform brilliantly in any specific build that it’s designed to do.

Cannot comment about whatever this particular part might achieve in combination with your other modifications…… but if you think that this is what you require….go hard mate! :sunglasses: