Airsoft Magazines compatible with gel blasters?

looking at getting a golden eagle m16a3 gbbr
the magazines are $170 in aus :exploding_head:
the same magazine for airsoft is $60aud
since im ordering some accessories from an airsoft store, i thought maybe add a magazine on as well to make the most of shipping.
Does anyone know if the airsoft magazines are the same? or does it depend on the specific blaster?

Completely different types of mags designed specifically for two different types of projectiles…… so no, they are not the same.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t most A/S mags operate manually? No motor in the mag to feed the projectiles up to the t-piece?

Would be definitely not worth the heartache required to make it gel compatible even if you got one through BF.

Yeah…… springer/winder 6mm Airsoft VS. Electric Motor 8mm mags, the design differences are quite major!

As far as i can tell gas blowback gel blasters all have spring fed single stack magazines
that’s why they are only 30 round capacity
i bit the bullet and ordered the m16, ill look at the magazine when it arrives and compare to videos
from my preliminary research they look extremely similar although the airsoft magazines are definitely different
The most important part would be the gas port lining up and sealing properly. and of course the “firing pin” lining up

Good point on borderforce being dicks about it though. I read somewhere on here there was a 2 month wait just to dispute a confiscation…

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The AS mag would probably have narrower channels, stiffer spring and smaller maglips at the minimum.

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You are spot on, spring mags. @Jas knows these inside out and what works. Search his posts there is a lot of info there :+1:

I think I remember the mags are modified AS ones. Why they are expensive.

GE mags are ground up built to be gel mags. That’s why they function well but are frankly ugly AF. The hole in the mag shell and the cord leave a lot to be desired visually but the mags function very well and have a functional real steal mag cap of 30 rds.
The GM MWS mags are factory converted airsoft mags with slightly different mag lips and a lighter spring. The mag follower is unique and for some bizarre reason they flat topped the follower which causes jams. There is no other difference and the outlet valve is identical to the airsoft equivalent despite what someone surmised earlier.
To work effectively I have to grow gels to no larger than 7.0mm as the gels that are larger than this bind on the mag shell as there is not enough clearance to clear the shell. 7.3mm gels will feed fine if used immediately but will bind in about 10-15 minutes if they sit loaded.

So if we are talking MWS GBBR airsoft mags will work but will require lighter springs, different mag lips, smaller gels and a means to feed the mag. The last being the biggest obstacle to overcome.


Thanks for the info
seems all the brands are mostly interchangeable
I’m seeing some sexy Vietnam style steel body co2 magazines as well
how does your m4 feel with green gas? you running 12kg or 14kg?
There’s a xforce video that recommends 14kg because the bolt is heavy, yet every other store recommends 12kg.

anyway i think ill hold off and actually shoot this thing before i go too crazy

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No not all. The brands are interchangeable within their systems but the systems are completely incompatible.
WA system and MWS system are entirely different and are not compatible at all.

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