And……..I’m out!

Problems arise, things change and life goes on!
So my good people, I will be leaving the hobby and getting rid of (selling) all gel blasters and parts👍
Circumstances have arisen and it’s what I have to do🙄
Going on to other adventures for now but may come back to the hobby depending on where and if I settle.
Love you all and will try to keep you guys updated :sunglasses:


You will be missed, you mad bastard. Thank you for being the endless supply of cursed designs and happiness that you were, and I hope you light up your next community as much.

Good luck mate :people_hugging:

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We all have lives to live and plenty to do outside of the hobby for sure :+1:

At least the decision was yours to take and not the Law taking your fun time away from you :sunglasses:

Has been great interacting with you and your creativity over the years, which has been a huge boon to the hobby with your Mad Scientist skills!

Wishing you all the very best for the future and hope you can still manage to check in with us all from time to time to keep in touch with your adventures.


Man, sad to see your leaving but as you have said things change and life must move on.

Hope all goes well for you and one day you return to help folks when they need it.

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Long story short, we have to be out of our rental in 6 weeks.
Have decided it’s time to go see things while my body still sorta can.
Have organised a van but have to fund rego, insurance etc. and do a few test runs before heading off👍


Sad to see you go, seems like this hobby is shrinking everyday good luck with your future endeavours. P.s better not see your hippy kombi camper on my turf

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So sorry to hear your moving on.!!
You will be missed, your skills and builds certainly filled the forum…

Let me know if I can do anything to help.
Hope the next chapter of your life brings more adventures…

Oh, and park your flowery hippy kombi, outside squiddy’s front yard, and dump your garbage, beer bottles etc out his window, and have bonfires and parties, on school nights…:rofl::rofl:

We’ll miss ya…stay in touch…!


Claiming land rights on his front lawn👍

Shouldn’t your kombi be parked at some random beach with cheech and Chong cigarettes stinking out the car park

This will be lining the interior roof in the back🤣
Glows with black light😎



Sad to see you go, I have always enjoyed seeing your creations in various forms of madness, and appreciated the efforts you have put in over the years. All the best with you next chapter mate.


Money making venture, for while your on the road…

Mobile gelmodding service…:rofl::rofl:

Dark web servicing, of all the illegal, broken down blasters, in the naughty states…:rofl::rofl:
No fixed address, so low risk…:rofl::rofl:

Actually give them Squiddys address, and plant a stockpile of parts out the back…:rofl::rofl:

(For the watching feds, all obviously a joke…!!)

Won’t be able to get away with framing a fed

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CCP spy, Putin supporter, now fed turncoat…

Who won’t you sell your allegiance to.?! :rofl::rofl:

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Probably Biden I don’t think any amount of support will stop his stair tumbles

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So, you don’t stand for truth, justice, and the American way…

Damn CCP spy…

Actually, wait, I don’t think the Republican Party does, nowadays either…

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Sad news you’re taking a break from the hobby and the forum, Mutha… :thinking:

You’re one of those off-the-wall mad scientists that make this asylum a better and more entertaining environment. Someone’s going to have to step up and fill those big creative shoes of yours and continue your tradition of frankenbuilds… :joy:

Best of luck to you, matey… I’m sure you’ll get that van tricked out and ready to tour in no time. It’s good to see you’re flipping what could be a negative and heading out to get some time on the road. :+1:

The freedom’s liberating, man. :sunglasses:


Sad news for us but probably great opportunity. Enjoy it while you can


You will be missed
I enjoyed your creations
Have fun on your new adventure
Always remember you can come back,even if you don’t own a blaster.
Your knowledge is well and truly appreciated