Any idea what mosfet this is?

hi guys, i have this mosfet in the attached photo, currently im having firing issues as where it will fire one shot, buzzes and only fires again after 2 seconds, semi or auto, i dont have a manual, so i have no idea where to fault find

The Leviathan Mosfets are usually that blue colour.

It should have the brand name/model printed on it somewhere if you remove it and have a look :+1:

the sector cam didnt acivate the switch, i changed the mosfet and its all working now

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Good work :+1:

A little bit of time and effort pinpointing faults are a great way to learn from and help diagnose other issues in the future :ok_hand:

Nice going, I read but couldn’t comment as never played with a Levi.

So was it faulty switch you think or something else?