Anyone Got One Of These?

Trying to chase down a bolt release button for a CYMA M4 receiver… lost the original one.
X-Force have these CNC replacements but they’re not true to the original Colt pattern and call it my OCD but I try to keep my builds as authentic as I can.

If anyone has one of the originals kicking around in their spare parts gear, nylon or metal, hit me up. Happy to pay for it with any shipping costs included.

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honestly i get the wanting to be accurate but consider it like a custom job :smiley:

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I get that, but it would be the only non-standard part on the blaster. To me that’s like having the wrong forward assist button on an M16A1. :wink:

Like I said, call it my OCD… :rofl:


None at X-force or FTB

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All good, found them in stock at GBU… :+1:

The ridges aren’t the same though :joy::sunglasses:

Oh I noticed that, don’t worry… :laughing:

Better than the donut aesthetic on the X Force one though and it’ll do until something more accurate comes along. :wink:

Nek minit it doesn’t fit cause it’s from GBU :rofl:

Nek minit I send FF myne :rofl:

If you have a spare one kicking around I’m happy to sling some bucks at you for it, Maiphut. :wink:

Maybe put it towards your next batch of sheep dip? :laughing:

I’ve got one somewhere, it’s not Cyma but APS V2 a/s type. Busy as f atm will try rummage through the spares dept later had a quick look and no joy.

No stress, man… all good. :+1:

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this look more accurate :smiley:

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Bingo… yep, far more accurate.

Cheers, matey… much appreciated. Now why didn’t I see that one when I was searching? :laughing:

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I just stumbled upon it on my window shopping rounds. :joy::sunglasses:

I did see that on my look around but I thought nah not good enough lmao. Ah well doesn’t matter :+1: Ex FTW :v: