APS Edge II version 2

Upon looking for another blaster for an event that is coming up. What is people’s opinion on the APS Edge II Version 2 Complete Gearbox with FET ( EDGE2 )? im looking at possibly putting a 35k (if i can find it anymore) Warhead with a 16:1 or a 13:1 gear set. Only think i have seen at all about this box is someone putting a m110 spring in with 16:1 and it breaking instantly. Did anyone else experiance any of these issues? or is it a decent box?

And in case anyone wanted to know. I’m wanting to build a blaster that is for CQC fields. (Im going to urban gel ball) But I don’t want to have a very small blaster like the small SLR Ion 4.25. it doesnt feel comfortable for me. and sadly TE only has the multi cam 6.7 which in my opinion doesn’t look nice at all haha. I am looking at getting the APS te ghost and changing the box to the version 2 edge for the mosfet. I would also like to add that im looking at making this blaster hopefully use weaker gels like the ultra whites from aus gel to be fine to use at urban gelball

may aswell also ask. can APS receivers use SLR mags and possible the tracer LDT mags

Are you building a new blaster, or looking for a good base platform to make better?

The APS box with mosfet, is hot garbage. Mainly because the mosfet doesn’t last, and can not be replaced with anything better, it is only compatible with it’s own board.
If you already have a APS blaster, get a Scythe gearbox. Especially if you are after something to put a warhead in.

For playing at a semi only site like urban, with hard limits on fps, and semi only you don’t need anything mental fast, you want it to have quick cycle time. I would recommend 13:1 or 12:1 gears and even a 27k base or 30k black warhead. It will be very snappy in semi. 12:1 and 30k will be near 30rps, and 27k and 13:1 will be closer to 25-26rps. I built my honey badger with the 30k black and 13:1, it runs about 26-27rps and is VERY snappy in semi, and once playing with precocking settings on the mosfet it is HPA like trigger response.

The main reason to recommend a warhead is if you can’t use a full size or larger battery, the warheads are very efficient. The response time benefit is there but compared to a good ndfeb motor with the right speed for a setup is marginal.

My honey bader runs on just over 5amps, and even a small 11v vector battery it runs fine and battery doesn’t get hot. If you can run a normal size battery that is decent, you could get away with a nice 25-30k motor, around 20tpa will be similar results to the warhead but battery will have a bit more amp draw.

My ARP, which was built for sites like urban, I used a T238 29k black motor, and 13:1, short 4 teeth, m100 spring, and about 22cm barrel. It is about 27rps, 285fps, and VERY nice semi auto. I don’t dig an ARP9, but got it in a deal and wanted to try things with it, but it works very nicely and is comparable to the honey badgey with the warhead, but I saved about $130 on the motor. It just demands a normal size battery, and not a tiny battery.

Sorry im not specific kinda typed that up when i was exhausted.

Basically im wanting to build a blaster up to be good for cqc but not so small like the arp9. Im looking at something a little longer. At urban gel ball were going to have full auto allowed being a private session but i would like a quick response time on semi hence the mosfet. Only reason i was looking at the aps mosfet was because i thought it would save a little bit of money. But seeing that their garbage i aint going that way now.

The only other thing that im wanting is so the blaster can run with almost any gel that i throw into it so im not having to use packs of gels all the time and just use the clubs gels some days.

I mostly run warheads because their more reliable and i havnt had any issues. So its more what box and base body that im looking at.

What about the ics lightweight peleadore?

Not been inside of the ICS so can’t say much apart from they are well regarded in Airsoft. They decock when switch to safe,I don’t know if I like that, but otherwise Bradley Phillips had a good review of them.

A mosfet has nothing to do with trigger response, well, you can run pre cocking; but they are more for trigger sensitivity, fire mode adjustment, tuning, and taking load off trigger contacts.
A high torque motor and high speed gears are what will speed up cycle time/improve trigger response. Though the instant torque on warheads is very valuable for that too even on 18:1 gears.

My honest opinion is that you should use blasters you like, no matter how practical it may be as the fun can come from just enjoying a game with a blaster you dig. It does help if it is something you can upgrade to the performance you want to though.

Whatever you get there is plenty of wisdom and knowledge here to help.


Agree 100%

Even a humble antiquated Gen 8 gets huge trigger response gains from a high torque motor upgrade, even when you retain an 18:1 gearset.

You’re bang on with the advice of going with what you like over flat out performance too. I have as much fun with my Scorpion EVO 3 than I do with a lot of my other higher end blasters in the collection, just because it’s different and unique.

speaking of urban gel ball (kinda off subject but also affects a build) Whats the hardest gel that they allow? I have tried Ausgel white pearls in all of my gel blasters and all but my wells mrt.

I was planning to take in a pistol to make it more fair for people aswell. but i cant shoot a single gel out of it without it being a shotgun. my other idea is just getting a new gbbr. but once again, same issue

White pearls are pretty much the hardest allowed unless at their uber sessions.
I had great success using whit pearls in my we tech Glock there, provided there were grown that day or as close as possible to the game. A few days later pearls become a bit too brittle for gbb pistols. The catch is pearls grown small enough to not have feeding issues are in the control grown category. And pearls are a bit inconsistent in sizing with shorter control grows, so you may have to do a bit of size sorting.

I spoke to them and they say White knights are allowed due to being about the same hardness as the white pearls.