Aps shark auto fire selector

Gday Carew,
Bit of a problem, i have an APS SHARK and I seem to have miss placed the auto firing selector that sits on the back left hand slide!!
I’ve searched every site I’ve asked numerous people if the could point me in the right direction and got nothing, so if anyone has one could you please send me a couple of pics of the part I’m after so I can make one up myself


Tried Azraels or Tactical Edge maybe have one off a busted one. Never know.

Try take a pic later when I can. Not much to see really just cams the sear across so it does auto or semi.

Is this what you are after?

It’s only a press fit in the slide, the little lugs that hold it in may have worn down enough for it to fall out without you noticing.


Worn down is exactly what happened to my Shark.

Unless a machine version with full stronger slide and material for the Auto switch can be made i recommend not using the auto unless facing a squad around a corner. It gets chewed otherwise unfortunately

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