Armoured Heaven AITA?

Dont know where to put this or even if it should be here (at least for some further infromation to the Retailers, Ranked area)

Here is a PDF link of the conversation between myself and AH over the last 6 months.
Read from the bottom up (facebook does a weird then when doing convo backups).

Armoured Heaven PDF

The TLDR: I dropped a 3DG G36 into AH to get it HPA’d. Was told it would get started after a week due to prior commitments etc but would have it ready by an event i was attending a month later (Operation BB in early oct). Here is a snippet of events:
4th oct where i was told it would be looked at shortly.
14th where i once again asked how the G36 was going, no reply.
19th Oct i was told i would get an update shortly.
24th Oct i chased up to see if there was any update. no reply
25th i asked if there was a possibility of at least getting the G36 done by the 13th Nov for GSA Asylum game.
26th was told Odin would have it ready by the 13th Nov.
8th Nov asked what ETA would be to pick it up… was told “this week” -
10th Nov told that a part had to be ordered - first actual update without my asking.
16th Nov after the GSA game with no G36 asked if there was any update “update shortly” replied.
16th was told it was ready for collection. i replied will come in that friday to pick up.

and more after that all covered in the PDF i CBF’ed writing out what could just be read in the same amount of time with more context.

i probably missed a few things.

I have been extremely paitent, but im fkn sick of it now.
I need to find a V2 trigger board now if i want to use the Jack in any other gun and i cant properly sort the G36 out unless i have a motorcage as the gearbox shifts without it (other than screwing it in place or some other dodgy fix.

i just needed to vent. if you read, thanks

P.S. I cant seem to message them anymore on FB… says cant send message… im blocked?

I dont want to call them as i dont care for listening to BS. and im not going to go there for the same reasons and the expensive petrol / time waste.


Only done a skim read so far, will read properly after breakfast. But.

So far?


I was never a big fan of Armoured Heaven, 'cos their staff always seemed just a liiiittle bit too full of themselves. This is pretty poor business practice on top. There was no indication in those messages that he might only ‘maybe’ be able to HPA the blaster, until after it was already proper fucked up.


WOW…… quite a shitshow there :confused:
Sounds like you got your work “done” right in the middle of Odin-AH having internal disputes.

Would partially explain the hurried/subpar work and communication that you received.

As far as I can see, it’s the lack of proper communication from their end right from the beginning as to properly discussing the suitability of converting the blaster and what issues might be encountered.

This could have saved much time and money for both parties if you were simply told that they don’t recommend such a conversion for that model.

Instead, it was agreed to do the job, then obviously stalling proper communication with problems found during the build.

To be told job is finished, then to have performance issues straight away, of course it’s the right thing to do to take it back and discuss with them for another chance to get running properly.

Seems like nothing much was achieved, so gave it back knowing that nothing more could be done to improve the faults…….and to be told how it’s the gel balls are the issue?

I would just square up any monies owed to AH, less compensation for motor cage and just walk, writing it off as simply a bad experience :confused:


Monies wise it is all squared off. I’m just wanting either an refund / returned v2 trigger board. At this point im assuming my motor cage has been binned, so thats an issues that will no loger be resolved by them as i doubt they would be able to find a replacement / valuation of the part.

I’ll prob do a design and 3d print something to try and make it work, other option is to buy a LDT G36 (for which id need the v2 trigger board if i want to swap the HPA to it.

just so disheartened with the whole experience.

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I once waited 11 months for them to finish a build I had already paid $2000 up front for.

Not wanting to write a novel about it, but I find OP’s experience quite believable.

Yeah, paying up front tends to sap the enthusiasm and time allocation to jobs already paid for.

Lived and learnt that little gem very early on in the industry. :confused:

I know little about HPA blasters.
I know, a lot, about…

Spending Spirals…

We’ve all been there.

It starts, like this… a strong desire, to do/get … “X”

Now, “X” may, or may not be acheivable, and often you wont know, till you have travelled to the end , of a long and expensive bit of rope…

It starts with hope, desire, and a wish for happiness.

Along the way, obstacle, after obstacle is encountered, which needs more $ thrown at it, to fix one problem, to progress to the next…
Once you start, your sorta obligated to see it through, or run out of available funds…

Along the way, the hope/happiness is replaced, by anguish and grief…and a lighter bank account .

The end result… you end up saying " if i knew this was going to happen, i never would have started, in the first place…"

This is true of anything really…

(modding gelblasters, souping hotrods / jetskis/ getting married and having kids/ rennovating houses)…

Great when it works out, crap when it doesn’t…and leaves more than one unhappy party in the process.

In your case, ( sorry it happened to you), the question should have been asked from the get go…

" I’d like to do “X” to this gel blaster…Is this realistically do-able…?
And at what price?
Best case, and worse case scenario, please…"

If you didn’t directly ask it, it should have been asked, of you, if the tech had any reservations…open and honest communication, generally leads to the best outcomes…

At least then, you can make an informed decision, on cost vs risk…and not find out at the end, the hard way…

Beware, the Spending Spiral…

Hope you get some good resolution…


Very good reply and advice mate :+1:
Certainly was many questions that should have been asked from the get go and constant communication throughout for a better understanding for both parties involved.


Completely agree with you mate,

The question was asked at other shops, one said no, another said yes but unable to do the work at the current time.

At AH i talked to Odin and he said he would be able. He was adamant that it was possible at the time i even offered to bring other parts (internals of the gearbox that i had pre stripped for the build if he needed (nozzle explicitly))

I wasnt concerned about price.

In hindsight now that in the last 6 months i’ve done my own HPA builds that have been much more difficult (IMO) i should have just attempted it myself. but it being the First HPA i had i thought it prudent to get it done professionally.

I’m sure odin would have been able to sort it out to a better degree had he just communicated with me (initially having a dud mag and not being able to test / tune) and later on when he no doubt put the gun together without the motor cage on it (which is paramount in the 3dg g36 for gearbox stability). I also assume he was under pressure at the time of the build (hence why he left etc)

At this point in time i’ve gutted the G36, will test to see if its externals fit on the LDT G36 (at least the front guard hopefully and the mags - they look like they could suit).

and seeing as i need to buy a new one im not going to HPA it currently, so will source a V2 trigger board and perhaps HPA another one of my blasters… or find an excuse to get another blaster 2nd hand to HPA :slight_smile:

In the end i at least know that i will no longer deal with AH anymore even with deals, sales etc.

An NEVER take a blaster home without testing it first.


Never pay up front in full for anything. A deposit perhaps if you are game, but you have little chance of getting your money back once it’s been handed over without a signed statement.

As two close friends of mine just found out minus $3200.

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Unfortunately I had a similar experience dropped my blaster off for hpa tune and aztech t piece fitting. Dropped it off before Christmas was told will start it week after next. 3 months later it was finally ready. I learnt off discord Odin had left.

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For anyone following at home.
I gave up on trying to talk to them etc, If they want to lose a customer over however much a V2 trigger board is then so be it.
I have since fixed and tested the G36.

Fixes - Gearbox (motorcage was missing) it seems that the Wells G36 gearbox is an exact match (and nicly clear plastic) so that went in with its motor mount.

I had to do a quick design / print for mag terminals as the Wells doesnt use terminals (it was via a push rod system tied to the tappet plate… easy sorted.

Put it all together… had issues with motors stoping feeding. My thanks to Doc Bob for the suggestion of a DV voltage regulator… turned down the motor speed on the mags and bobs your uncle (reference to Doc not intended).

All in all had they bothered to put the G36 together with the motor cage attached… i wouldent have had any issues other than the feeding issues. accuracy is superb (especially after i put a new barrel in and an AKA hopup).

Next fix is sorting out the fire selector switch… quick design and print should have that sorted at some point (no rush cos i generally only use semi anyway).

Thanks for sticking around!


Well sounds like they suck then :+1: