Atomic armoury aug a1

Hi ., I purchased a atomic armoury aug a1 , took a week by post , delivered on a Friday , did al the usual checks , battery in , gels in magazine, fired, barrel fell out , shredded nozzel rubber , backed up into back of nozzel [ wouldn’t retract enough to feed ] , back on box posted back some day. Warranty filled out emailed off , , they sent me a email requesting $15 inspection fee. WHAT !!!, phoned this morning, the tec team said the screws looked lick they been tamper with , me , no . Their is no screws when you re move the top half, silence on the other side of the phone . Should have been right , out of the box , would have been easier to have sent me a new one .

Ooooooo didn’t say who I purchased from , command elite.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Damn that’s a bummer. Hope CEH sort things out for you. Their history is not good.

Would have purchased a JG aug if I could .

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Hopefully you get it sorted quickly and don’t fall into any traps of extra “Fees and Charges”.

Under Australian Consumer Law they are fully responsible for the replacement or repair of the device, free of charge, including any Postage/shipping costs.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

The barrel fell out of my JG AUG the first time i used it. I hope you have success in getting it fixed under warranty!

They sent me a email , they found a screw , apparently tampered with, [no I didn’t ]

I would have done a better job if I had tamper with it , I told them it was only the barrel and the nozzle rubber tip , why would be touching that [ no I didn’t touch that screw ].

Ask them why they sent it molested like that, it’s obviously been frigged with before you got it.

Just them trying to weasel their way out of fixing it.

The last email from them was 1238 pm, nil reply back yet

Just spoken to them , looks like they going the honour the warranty :crossed_fingers:, we’ll see, the funny thing it was sent from Salisbury , they said it was closed down , items are sent from Sunnybank .

You didn’t need to tell us who you bought from. We could easily infer from their shitty blaster and shittier business practices.

Nailed it…

20 characters ffs

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Hi , got my aug a1 back , after have warranty repair , barrel glued back in and shredded rubber nozzle tip replacement, wellllllllll, it fired , well ok , it would spread a few gel balls a on and off , fps was poor , 180, 200 , fps . So stripped it down , changed the o ring , as a + I found a shredded nozzel rubber rolled and wrapped around the tappet plate. My be it’s the cause of poor fps and smashed gels, by the way I’ve cleaned the barrel and polished the t piece shards. Hope this improves the said above.

It was a glue in buy warranty fix🤬


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Hi , what size spring is use in the atomic armoury aug a1 [ yes I should have purchased a JG ] .

Hi , does it look like mu barrel is not push-up enough, it was a glue in by warranty fix , any ideas.

Unfortunately you will have to return for refitting under warranty or have a go at doing it yourself if you have the tools/skills to get it sorted :thinking:

It all most looks like it needs to be push further up near the feed tube , I have no reference, photo , I asked the retailer??? They didn’t know , theirs a rim where it’s sitting now .