Australian border security

Hi everyone,
I have recently brought a gel gun. It’s in the picture below. I’m pretty sure I can bring it in my non cabin luggage but I have fully grown gel balls and I was wondering how many I could take back to Australia and which luggage to put them in if they are fully grown.

Given it’s an imitation of a Glock, I’m not sure you can just bring it back on your carry-on. They require informing the ABF that you’re importing them (using a B709) and prior approval before attempting to bring them in.

You’re probably better off getting an SKD from Tac Edge, it’ll probably work better anyway.


Can I bring pre made gel gun ammo back to Australia though border security? (Pre made as in it’s been sat in water for 3 hours and ready to put in a gel gun to shoot)

I don’t know why you’d want to, but. Yes. They’re just orbeez until you put them with a gel blaster.

Idk but isn’t there restrictions on bringing water from overseas into Australia due to quarantine restrictions or something and it’s guaranteed there’s going to be water left in the bottle. I’m not really sure on it but isn’t that why you have to empty water bottles before you t4avel international

No, you have to empty your water bottles for security theatre. It could be explosives or acid some nonsense. They don’t want you hijacking a plane with it.

Just bin em if you are in doubt, if you can afford a plane ticket I think you can afford a $10 packet of gels.


Interesting never knew that always thought it was some biological hazard to native habitats or something like that

It’s because of a foiled terror plot on a US bound flight originating from the UK where they replaced the contents of small soft drink bottles with explosives.

The limit on how much liquid you can bring is related to the amount of that explosive which would actually be capable of causing damage.


The acronym was LAG’s

(Potentially dangerous)…Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels…

I got a laugh out of a security officer, one day, by stating…

" Imagine if the the acronym was “Special Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels”…!!