Bad batches of gells

Hi , I’ve recently purchased some gels, aka tenacity hard weight , grown 2.5 hrs , store brought water , bugger wouldn’t feed stuck in barrel , yep even used zendo sieve 7.3.5 mm, nope , wouldn’t feed 7.5 barrel. , so I’ve had some success donkey balls , 1.45 hr grow , and now , cooked day before , grew over night , water drained , in fridge o/night too big again , when fresh grown all is good lesson learnt, have tryed ausgel yellows 2 hr grow ,tap water , feed well . Are our gels at a stale mate , poor quality control with no come back.

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Gels have always been a very hit and miss affair, and it just seems like these days we have more tools available to actually confirm this fact.

If you had already run them through a sieve, then it’s a possibility that you might have had a gel confetti itself and caused the other to jam :thinking:

It’s not uncommon, and is just another fun trait when using wobbly gelly as a ballistic!

Also don’t forget to regularly clean your barrel!
Many people forget this little habit, but it’s a real good way to prevent feeding issues and maintains good power and accuracy of your Gelblaster :+1:

Everything you are doing is the best in growing/sorting your gels, however there’s always going to be a few random gels that will keep on growing even after sizing and sorting, where they continue to soak up water in your gel storage containers or in the magazine from the residual surface water surrounding them.

Ausgel yellows grew smaller diameter in my experience so that tells something. Around the 7-7.1mm. No matter how long soaked.

AKA’s can grow out too big. Too big I say depending on your setup. I do 2hrs no more and work well with my 7.3mm and 7.5mm ID barrels.

As stated above check your barrel and tee piece for any obstructions. I have had a problem before at the barrel t piece minute shard of plastic from the t piece was sticking out, so small needed a magnifying glass. That was enough to turn all gels into confetti and fill the gearbox and barrel up with goop :rofl: