Best gen 8 magazine to purchase

Hi , what’s the best gen 8 magazine to purchase, some mag motors are rough as guts , and feed poorly.

LDT metal mags always worked great for me.

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I changed to slr mags about two years ago, the seem to always feed and work in lots of blasters. I my dsg of the 6 slr mags I have, all kept up with the 46rps, even the two that sounded a bit rougher than the rest.

The later nylon style with the fake rounds in the side windows are great :+1:

Slr mags with out a doubt. They apparently come with an upgrade motor compared to other mags. Mine feed without a problem even at over 50 rounds per second on hpa.

Haven’t had any feeding problems with SLR mags, so what he said :point_up_2: :wink:

EPM and SLR mags are the best, I love EPM’s and have 12 and only 1 has failed in over a year of weekly playing… due to user error… let the wire rust… rewired and working a charm now