Best green gas to run

So I did a best gel ball post. Lets start this one.

The brands I have used consist of
Abby’s ultra.
Puff dino 14 KG,
Warwolf 12kg
Ultraforce red gas 14KG
Ultra Air (cant remember the KG I believe it was 12)

Each blaster i have always maintained and just finished cleaning and reapplying grease and oil to my gbbr before testing with puff, warwolf and ultraforce.

So I started with UltraAir. It was alright. Struggled in winter which is common.

Abby’s Ultra was good. yet again struggled a little in winter

I just recently moved to puff dino. which is shooting out of a gbbr at about 240 fps average on a 20 degree day.

Ultraforce red gas 14KG. In my pistol GL it didn’t shoot due to to much pressure. It felt like the slides were going to blow off on pistols during hotter temps. Today which is 20 degrees where its about optimal temps for red gas. its shooting about 210 fps out of my GBBR.

War wolf. This is where it gets confusing. It runs well on a warmer day at about 280 fps. Today in the 20 degrees it didn’t drop in fps. I was seeing 320 fps out of the chrono only dipping down after I did a few rapid shots which is expected with any gas. The only downside to this gas I believe is the smell. Holy crap it doesn’t make me feel too good after shooting a few shots with it.

But lets see what everyone else has discovered. What is the best Green gas for Australian temperatures?

If we want to throw in a curve ball. What’s the best gas for each firing platform?

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All the gas I have tried has been pretty similar.
Ultraair was good but I think it lacked in oil a bit and was rather “dry”.
Ultra force top gas seems good and has lube.
Warwolf was good and their big cans lasted ages.
Abbey was good and lubed too.
Puff Dino 14kg seemed to be no different to 12kg gas, but might be just the pistols I have used it in. in any case puff Dino is the only gas I would not use again as it seemed a bit lacking compared to the others. Also the only 14kg gas I have tried as I don’t really get winter where I am.

Just going to throw something different into the conversation…… which I used with the GLOCK G18C and found it cheap and reliable for use at home, but a bit more difficult if you wanted to run around in a game with it.

Bunnings Propane Camp Gas, 465g for $9 a bottle.

Using this refill adapter that also has a port to add Silicone Oils to mix with the gas when refilling mags.

Plenty of gas cheap and easily available that worked great without any issues :+1:
Couldn’t really see any problems with high/lower temperatures, though obviously not as powerful as something running CO2.