Blacksite Gelball Field

Looks like RPM/APGS and Colosseum have got together to develop a large indoor field with a realistic playing atmosphere. They held a livestream last night and it looks like they have put a lot of effort into something that will have realism. Public games will be semi-only (guess they have to cater for the GBBR mob) and field is designed so pray and spray mob will find it difficult to be successful (and screw it for everyone)

Looking forward to giving it a run


Is there an address for this place? Couldn’t see one listed, or is it attached to the shop?

Probably 40 Johnson Road Hillcrest

Eww another southside field :sweat:

That only makes three or four if you count Yatala

It’s still a great achievement for the sport/hobby community and industry :+1:

Certainly better to hear news about places being opened up instead of the usual doom and gloom of being shut down.

As long as they get a decent amount of patrons, hopefully it goes well for them.

From the comments though, I take it that the South is getting more catered for than the North?

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Cant wait to have a run at the new field. looks good from the previews.

It’s always good to hear more open up, but yeah there seems to be more stores/fields on the south than there is on the north, seemingly closer to where all the crime related issues have been.

I’m near North Lakes and there’s 3 fields within a reasonable drive (being less than a 30min drive) Donnybrook, Mango Hill, and CrossFire. There’s SpecOps at Kelvin Grove but that only runs gel on Friday from memory.
In saying that speedsoft or whatever it was called seems to be more prevalent closer to the city and I have zero interest in that side of it.

Cheers, makes sense that they build fields in areas that have the majority of the population/customers, but certainly doesn’t help other regions, and I would think would have them competing for customers/players if they are all concentrated in one area :thinking:

Certainly much easier for Indoor CQB due to being easier to find a cheap metro old Industrial Building than finding/running/maintaining a much larger Outdoor Field.

I only had 3 outdoor fields available over here, 2 North in the Perth region, and 1 in the next major regional area South from me.

They were all at least 100-140 kilometres away either direction, so to go play was definitely a well planned all-day event for sure!

Hopefully fields can continue to grow in areas currently lacking over there and more people will get involved with the sport :+1:

There’s this closed down Amart furniture building I drive past every day to work and I always look at it and think " that would be a perfect building for a field." It’s tall enough to offer multi level structures in most spots and is a something like 1500m² floor space inside, alas one could only dream.

Moot for me…

Seeing as how I can’t run, crouch, belly crawl or pretty much do anything except stand up straight like a 6’ target. :joy:

I CAN go prone… but it’d probably take me 5 minutes to get up again, which if you count the 5 minutes it’d take me to get down in the first place means the sirens gone off before I get a shot off. :joy: :joy:

Must admit that I never realised how much physical conditioning I had lost in the ten years between playing Paintball and playing my first Gelball field game.

Went from SAS to Benny Hill in just those few years out of the game! :frowning::joy: