Builds with MK v2M and H92 CNC gearbox

Hello buddies,

As we started on getting MK gearbox, the quality is amazing and the design is really unique, rarely found in airsoft gearbox. A lot of bros and sis asked about the build references with MK tactical gearbox in our discord before. If you have builds using the MK box, please don’t hesitate to share!!

Been following and searching on MK gearbox relevant posts for a while, the vector build from Rok is just legendary!


Alot of the MK builds were done on the old forum and gone forever now with good pics and details. Hopefully some of those might still have time to re share.

That definitely was fun to read and learn about the Rok MK Vector build. :+1:

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Thanks @AKgelblaster and @Maiphut for the kind words. The vector build is quite involved, but tbh so is upgrading a normal vector polycarbonate gearbox to work well, and least with the MK Tactical gearbox you don’t have the “is this gonna last” in the back of your mind. I had broken 4 poly vector gearboxes, and the one that lives is kind of as much as you want to push them, any more than 25rps and 300fps and a few areas risk breakage.

Off track…

MK Tactical’s Gearboxes are great. I have 2x H92 and 2x V2M in my collection. H92 is great for gen9 and J10 ACR, it is a little bulky for a lot of blasters and quite often the upper receiver doesn’t fit. They are a very easy build though. Gen9 tpiece, tappet plate, cylinder head and nozzle; and everything else is just V2 parts.
The V2M is great to replace your wells stuff, but also fits the HL Honey badger and heaps of other V2 based stuff. The only hitch is, as far as nozzle and tpiece it is kind of made to be widely compatible with everything, it isn’t perfectly suited to anything. You may have to experiment with various nozzles and tpieces to get a good seal and feeding. Every blaster is different too so having a few nozzles, orings to space the rubber tip out, and tpieces is essential.
But they are VERY capable gearboxes, and are only limited to your build skills and budget. My most notable is the DSG build with brushless motor, was 330fps @ 46rps.

It was truly an honour to give my feedback to him for the vector box. A project I am very pleased with the outcome, and quite proud of :slight_smile:

I am due to service one of my H92s, so will get some pics of it while I am there in coming weeks.


On the subject of using o-rings to space the rubber tip out. I remember when the wells CQB came out I was trying to work out with fellow forum members why it had it, the why was pretty obvious. But some had it and if you bought spare gearboxes they did not have it. Or the alloy cyl head and nozzle. So you got caught there if you didn’t check for proper nozzle seal and O-ring space it out.

No O-ring on that un opened spare puppy.

2 Likes here is my Mk box in my Jinming Acr J10… Perun mosfet with t238 brushless motor.

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Strangely enough, I’ve always had better success installing an o ring into the t piece than spacing the nozzle rubber when solving sealing issues. Better FPS gains. :man_shrugging:

It is easier doing the latter though, I’ll give you that. Takes a bit of technique to get that o ring seated squarely into the t piece, especially when you’re using CA glue. :thinking:

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