Gday all looking at buying another Chrono, what is a decent Chrono value for $'s these days ? Prefably one that reads fps for every gel gives a average etc.

The Acetech AC6000BT is the mutt’s nuts…

Not cheap though, around $140-$160… does everything including bluetooth to your smartphone.

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Can highly recommend.
Had the early version and still have this Bluetooth model, very reliable and very few “time outs” compared with many other brands :+1:

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These are a proper “real steel “ Chronograph, and yet still struggle with time outs and reliably reading Gelblasters/NERF…… most likely due to their very low FPS compared to real firearms :thinking:

I’ve been using one of these E9800-X Chronograph – OP Force Delta Gel Blasters & Discount Archery Supplies

does the job.