Cyma ak47 tactoys

I bought the cheap version CYMA AK47 from tactoys, I’m just wondering if there are any hop up systems online or if I can get one 3D printed.

Also, what is the best O ring for the gun?

I’m not sure what it’s muzzle threading is, if it even has any, so I can’t help with the hop up, but. Any green silicon o-ring of the correct size should be an upgrade over the default black rubber.

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I can print one for you, for a fee.


What size should I go with?

I don’t have any money right now sorry, or a credit card or anything. I’m 15 so I barely have anything. I just wanted prices so I know what to save up for.

Thanks anyway.

alright mate, you drive a hard bargain… PM me and ill print and send you one for free.


I’m not much of an AEG gal, so the specifics kind of escape me, but. If you go down to Tac Edge or X-Force or something, and ask their techs, they should be able to point you in the right direction. They might be able to give you some other upgrade ideas, too :slight_smile:

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20mm x 2.5mm they are.


Is that measurement for the O ring?

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Yes, it should be. It’s what I use in all of mine.