Double Barrel - HWASAN


Looks decent quality. Do you know where it is made?


We’ll get to that, yall are lucky I got distracted for so long.

Pics are cause I am pissed, maybe for nothin but when this shit snaps in half I am gonna put it through somebody.

So the barrel is a shorty with an extra shorty barrel fixed to it, felt fairly sturdy inner barrel goes all the way through so I was okay with it

There were gaps in the furniture which is frustrating for a $750 dollar shotgun, but its a shotgun I can ignore it bein a lil crooked

The lever sticks weirdly and the screw doesnt fill me with confidence.

then there is the discolouration, now at this point I’d gotten home since I left in a hurry after they finished putting my Sig back together. I was not happy, bad memory made it hard to tell if my webley was always this scuffed but sure, the 870 hadnt really been fixed but the trigger works again which is nice, but all the parts were somewhere else and putting it together was a pain… But the sig, without a wrap the grip is fslling apart again, the trigger just doesnt work at all now, double action had failed hence me taking it to repair but now single action was fucked, turning it from aesthetically fucked to completely bricked. I could use it in a game before, I cant even reliably drop the hammer now its a paperweight. At least I wasnt charged for any of it but sour mood.

So the shotgun was the saving grace, seeing the colour all fucked threw me off immediately but its my first full wood and metal so I did try to ignore it, pretty sure it isnt rust but dunno, keepin an eye on it.

That was like a week ago now, and I have sat reloading this here and there, hasnt been actually shot, nor taken outside or used for anything. The stock is shifting around, which moves the whole base plate, which can catch on the barrels when I break it open, pulling against the screw holding it in place and against the screw holding the stock in place. The lever is clicking more and feels off sometimes. The triggers have a lot of side to side play.

This is practically out of the box and its already coming apart I am not fuckin happy.

The barrely being a shorty stock with an extension was an iffy but fair enough way to save cost and sell two variants of the same blaster. But given the issues I am having, the original quiet anxiety is much louder now, is this thing actually made to support the full length barrel, or is it just getting away with it for now.

The discolouration may be nothing, might be signs mine is scuffed, the baseplate is connected to the part that extracts the shells so it moving will lead to problems if it fails, and part of me is waiting for catastrophic failure.

At best I don’t trust this blaster anymore and the joy it brings me has grinded to a sad halt, tighten some screws and its better then new which I shouldn’t need to do OUT OF THE BOX not when they charge 750 for this mfer

worst case it breaks in half and they cannot fix this, a new one won’t make me happy and a refund wont give me the db I wanted.

If this is what happened sitting in my room I don’t want to know what happens at a field.

I am livid, on top of breaking one of my favourite blasters, and favourite sidearm in general the shotgun is just as scuffed as everything else I have gotten. I am gettin sick of this fuckin hobby its no wonder I am looking at dart blasters more fondly nowadays.

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It is heavy and felt sturdy, not as many clicky things as I’d have liked but I still really liked it, oversized shells still bug me but they are apparently good quality so I don’t mind too much, but being nearly twice as long and a bit thicker is annoying for carrying ammo

Its fuckin gorgeous, even with the cut in the barrel, and stupid stabaliser stickin out the end.

The grip is pretty comfy, takedown is smooth and lets you pack into a small bag easily, again I was genuinely planning to take this to a game as soon as I had shells to run.

I did like sittin with it in my lap just cause of how heavy it was, part of me wanted the shorty as well.

Practically I wish the barrel was somewhere between a ¼ and a ⅓ shorter then it was, I would have liked hammers cause clicky, but never sure if I would care to deal with em, clickier extractors would have been great, and the drilling underbarrel rifle would have been so cool

Cutting down the barrel would be work but I could probably do it fine might even look okay, faux hammers that click but dont actually do anything might have been enough to make me happy, obviously a lot harder to make but not impossible

extractor would be really weird but idk maaaybeee

extra barrel would be properly impossible I’m sure but I could make it look like there was a barrel there since the breech is hidden in the foregrip anyways it only needs to exist from the forend to the end of the barrels


I’ve been wanting a DB for the longest time so I picked one up the long barrel version the day of release. Overall first impressions were good the weight and feel is amazing.
The wood stock is a nice touch but there is a noticeable gap where the wood meets the reciever. I feel like im nitpicking but it would be nice to see a tighter finish.

The lever that locks the barrel into place is quite flimsy. Pushing it all the way to the right to break open, and having to push it left, slighly left of centre to lock it in place. There is no click, it just kind of sits there.

After firing it maybe 50 times the right barrel will occasionally misfire. I believe this may be due to the loose locking lever not holding everything together as tight as it should be. Both firing pins are the same length and protrude fully when pulling the triggers so i dont think thats the problem, but i could be wrong.

The shells are hit and miss. Originally i was just using the 2 shells that came with. One is working fine after 50+ shots the other was leaking after maybe 20. Of the 8 shells i have, 3 are leaking gas. The leak seems to be coming from the smallest o ring attached to the pin in the front end of the shell.

The tech i spoke to xforce said they are getting better quality o rings in so hopefully that fixes it. As far as the loose lever and one barrel misfiring… hopefully there’s a way to tighten that up.

Despite its flaws it is a hell of a lot of fun plinking with this thing. i hope to get these problems fixed because i really love this blaster. Ill probably bring it in to xforce on friday and have them look at it.

Its just a shame that a $750 product doesnt work straight out of the box… but I’ve come to expect that with gelblasters.


Couldn’t agree more, I havent gotten around to shooting it but that is impressively bad for ‘the best shotshells I’ve seen yet’ AND THE SIMPLEST FUCKIN GVN

Like… genuinely how do you fuck up a double barrel.

Not only would a real db be cheaper it’d fuckin work.

What the fuck is the point, they bring in a tester apparently dont fuckin test it, and then start selling them for prices that are starting to make my pc look cheap.

I knew it would have issues they all have issues but I didnt think it’d be this bad out of the box for something so simple.

I am so fed up, I don’t think I am buyin another blaster period, when the 12$ knock off nerf blaster lasted longer then the 750$ Full wood and metal gelshotgun… it really shows how few fucks they give aye

Shame cause i really loved this shotgun, it’s covered in Philips head screws just start tightening things.

Maybe I’ll give in and pull mine apart to figure out if its fixable, should be able to fix the lever with a better spring at least.

Also the lever locks it in place reliably its mainly an aesthetic failure from what I can tell, move it with the breech open and you see the latch that it moves, pushing it to the left might make it more secure or do nothing idk, but I doubt that is what is causing the misfire, that sounds more dubious like the shell is fucked, the firing pin hasnt got leverage, or the shells arent chambering properly. Given you say the right barrel is failing I am betting on the gun failing, if the chambers are fucked the gun is probably totalled, if the firing pin is fucked you could probably fix it.

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i hear you bro - ive had some true mfers out of the box and have essentially given up buying as a result. Sick of having to take new blasters back/forward to retailers while theyre fixed/refixed/re-refixed most of all.

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I do still really like it despite everything, seretonin from shotgun is big yknow

Wish they were reasonably priced and didnt break constantly cause I wish I could have more heavy metal stuff like this.

That’s the major drawback of nerf, its all plastic, a lot easier to modify but I love the metal and wood, sitting with it in my hands calms me better then anything else, I will make a dogshit steel and wood stick gun someday at this rate with all the clicky parts I want and zero functionality if this one breaks on me

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Sidenote it is exactly as long as the aka m870 with a barrel extension, which is neat

I don’t think the villagers used, DB HWASANS…@5:15…!!
Gas shells, might not, have worked…!

One of the best, werewolf movies,
And onscreen , werewolf transformations, of all time…

That Howl is just awful…

If I ever end up using this

right is comin out short

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