Double Bell AK023 Firing Issues

Recently bought the double bell AK023, went to test it out was working good for about 15mins, decided to try full auto on a fresh battery. Lasted 3 seconds and stopped firing, now I recharged another battery and it still wont fire. Still switches between Safety, full auto and single fire. I was wondering if anyone had the same issue or any idea what it could be. My last thought something to do with the trigger.

Appreciate any advice

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First thing I’d be checking with any AEG that suddenly stopped cycling is the whether the gearbox motor’s juicing up. Check the wiring on the blaster at the battery connector… if there’s nothing amiss there the next go to is the wiring to the motor.

Not sure about that particular AK but it’s not uncommon for a wire to come adrift from a motor terminal. A multimeter is handy for checking connections.


The grip just slides over the motor like any other AK AEG, nothing’s done differently, but unless it wasn’t plugged in properly to begin with it shouldn’t be able work itself free.

If that’s not the case my thoughts go to the piston getting locked back by the gears, partly why I like to run 7.4v batteries. If this is the case I believe there is a slot in the gearbox to stick a screwdriver in to release the anti reverse latch and it should unlock it, otherwise you can take the motor cage off and get to it from that side.

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