Double Bell m18 Co2 Lever Action Rifle

Does anyone have any experience with these? I have the Wingun Peacemaker and would love to put together a cowboy loadout. Very tempted to pick up a rifle while so heavily discounted.

Do yourself a favour and make sure to check out the “Retailers Ranked” thread topic :+1:

There’s much hard earned dollars to be saved by comparing all the different Retailers on pricing for these cool western rifle blasters :white_check_mark:


This is the cheapest there is bobby


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Yea I’ve read the thread and had my own horrible experiences with CEH. Unfortunately they’re the only place with such a big discount…

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They are plastic stocked, so be careful. You get told one thing and end up with another … Best is it you can go in the shop and hold it, but some retailers always have very good reasons why you can’t visit their premises - be careful!


Interesting… I’ve seen some advertised with real wood. Is there a difference between the DB m18 and the DB m1894? I would definitely prefer the real wood version.

They are the same item - a Double Bell Winchester. But be careful, you will end up with the plastic stocked version. Of course if you look online you’ll find some places used to offer a ‘genuine’ (with American accent) US Black Walnut stock upgrade, but $$ and I’m not sure any are around any more …

walnut stock add on