Double Bell M4 - Any Good?

I want to replace my Cyma M4 with a metal gearbox/gears M4.

Tac Edge have the DOUBLE BELL M4A1 AEG for $260, sounds like a great price, I presume the hand guards can be changed out.

Does anyone have thoughts on the Double Bell brand…??..they seem to be everywhere now, but I’ve read some good and bad reviews.


Hey @cogman ,
I would encourage you to check these out instead of repairing/modifying other models.
These are an absolute bargain for the price, with full metal receiver/gearbox/300+ FPS etc. over the more expensive Nylon Double Bell, and already have a solid reputation for performance and reliability :ok_hand:

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Hey DocBob,

Thx, I have seen them, but the Double Bell also has metal gears/box etc and they are 10mins from my house, where as the GBX is 3 hours round trip.

Don’t know how important a metal receiver over a nylon one is (still learning) but they are close in price.

DB is $260
GBX is $220

I suppose GBX is a rebranded JinMing and the DB has some good reviews, but some bad ones.

Anyway thx for the comments.

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The GBX is actually a rebranded Jing Gong (JG/Golden Eagle).

As for a metal receiver and metal hand guard, both of which come with the GBX version, it is important to avoid flexing in your blaster, and provides a more impact resistant shell.

I’ve had hands on experience with both a GBX and Double Bell blaster, and I’d say performance wise they are about the same.

A metal receiver/metal handguard blaster will normally run you 400+ for a good one. A metal handguard alone costs like 80-150 as an upgrade.

I really recommend the GBX between the two.


I concur with @JazzyWard 100% :white_check_mark:

The DB is more expensive, yet only nylon receiver/handguard/externals with a metal gearbox.

The other is a FULL metal $500 blaster for cheaper than the DB, which will be more sturdy and outlast the nylon for a quality long term investment :+1:

Performance OOTB doesn’t really matter as we all tend to modify them anyway…… but the GBX is an already proven blaster in the harshest environment that they could be put through, as being used for hire blasters :flushed:

Save yourself a 3 hour trip and get one posted out to you…… would be on your doorstep within a day or two at most :ok_hand:

HI, Do you know what’s a compatible magazine for the GBX .

Gen 8, LDT and Double Bell magazines all fit.


Cheers, I’ve just purchased a GBX :wink:


Thx to all for the comments.

The GBX sounds like the one to go with.

If it’s such a good choice for a metal blaster and most others are around $400 -$500+…why is it so cheap at $220…??


This company buys in bulk as hire blasters for corporate games etc.

I would imagine that the $500 is normal retail, whereas this company is selling them probably not much more than wholesale price :thinking::+1:

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Hi, do you know what gear box parts would the GBX gear box, I know it’s a v2 .

I was never much of an AEG tech, so if someone more knowledgable comes along, defer to their answer. But, to the best of my knowledge, it runs on the non-CYMA standard. So, APS, Well, LDT etc parts should work? I just know my gen 8 mags fit in it.

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Cool thank you , some one will jump and correct us or advise us on , what’s , what.

Direct Link to the blaster here :slight_smile:

Unfortunately don’t advertise/sell any gearboxes, so unfortunately no details to be found :confused:

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My understanding and based on what I have seen of them in the flesh I believe they are rebadged JG works.
With that in mind stick to LDT based parts but bear in mind most cylinder head, nozzle and t-pieces are unique to the brand.

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Yes, at the time of buying mine I did some research and believe I found the model numbers on a JG works website. We did have a thread with this info on the old forum and I recall posting pictures etc. when mine arrived as I got mine posted to me and at the time I couldn’t find a lot of customer feedback etc in regard to dealing with those guys and I think there was limited info on postage etc on their website. Anyway, the postage option worked fine for me and the blaster works fine (noting my comments on the other thread Gbx auto only - #7 by BigDamo )

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