Double Bell vsr -10

Hi guys is the double bell vsr -10 a decent sniper any feedback would be great

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Hi @Snoty . :wave:
Go to the “Introduce Yourself” thread and let us know where you are situated and what blasters you have in your collection.

We will be able to give more specific local advice knowing these details :+1:

Mate, I have always followed @Vas at X-Force ever since my introduction to this hobby way back in 2016-2017.

I always respected @Vas because of his totally honest, no bullshit reviews of products that he was actually trying to sell to the public …… yet would call a spade a spade and not try to push a shite product upon his potential customers just for the sake of sales.

This is what gained my respect from very early on, especially when other retailers were reviewing absolute shite products and giving them glowing reviews only to try and dupe consumers into buying their crap products regardless of their actual worth :roll_eyes:

This video is awesome, I had no idea what this particular blaster was, but after watching this, I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t buy one myself if I was legally able to :+1:

The best follow up from this review would be to have @BradleyPhillipsYT do a proper range/accuracy/performance test to back up the real world value of this particular type of blaster.

Looks awesome, and still has upgrades and parts available for you to customise once “out of warranty” …… not that’s ever stopped any of us from tearing apart and modifying brand new releases straight out of the box! :joy:

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I’ve heard some of these have been hitting insane numbers like 400fps+


Thanks for the input and advice just about convinced .

The VSR-10 is a pretty popular bolt action in the Airsoft world.

What you need to understand though is why Airsoft sniper rifles actually exist and it’s purely rule based.

They allow bolt action rifles to use a higher joules limit, so heavier BBs, than the other gats on the field. That’s where the accuracy comes from.

In gel ball we don’t have heavier gel balls so one of these will perform no better than an AEG.


Very true piece of information that most people would not know.

Cheers for the explanation :+1: