Falkor recce

Hi , what hop ups are you guys using , I’ve tried hell fire , it didn’t like it , iam using a slim line riser , which works ok .

Trial and error with individual blasters I have found in the past.
A hop that I was going to throw in the parts bin because it was useless on one blaster, actually worked out a treat on another when tried out! :thinking:

Having a handfull of different types to try out can certainly help find what works best for your particular blaster.


I agree with @DocBob
I have quite a few hopups, that just didn’t work on the blaster I originally bought them for, then worked well on another one later. I find the nylon LDT universal one to work on most blasters though, but then the one I could not get anything working on, the AKA hopup sorted it out.
Trial and error.

If you are able, get yourself a few different ones together to try out.
As @RokSolid commented, the LDT Nylons have been pretty successful for people across the board, and also try the popular ones like RIZER, Alpha King, Sweetheart and the various range of DK printed hoppers :+1:

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