Favourite gel blaster brand poll (read description before voting)

  • Kublai (P1 first gel gbb)
  • Double Bell (glock range)
  • We tech (1911/hi capa range)
  • Aps (shark gas pistol)
  • Armorer works (gas pistol range)
  • Jing Ming (gen 8)
  • Lehui (Kriss vector)
  • Golden eagle (1911’s and hi capa’s)
  • Bing feng (p90)
  • Cyma (rifles)
  • AGM (mp40)
  • JG (Aug)
  • Hanke (m97 pump action shotgun)
  • HFC (deagle)
  • IWI (tar21)
  • Ares (scar)
  • Poseidon (Orion pistol range)
  • JY (msr bolt action)
  • well/nwell (gbb pistol range)

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This is a place to vote for your favourite gel blaster brand you can only choose one. There are so many brands in the hobby that the ones listed are just the ones off of the top of my head. If your favourite brand is not on the list then comment it and the type of blaster or blaster they’re most well known for and it will be added to the list. This poll is only for brands that produce or have produced full blasters. The blasters or blaster types that are mentioned in the brackets are just the blasters that the company are well know for so that people can recognise what brand it actually is.

Double Bell all day.
Affordable and reliable pistols.
great quality and affordable AEGs varying in price to performance, the hybrid lineup by far the best value for money.
And the Kar98 in a league of its own. The most powerful and faithful replica this sport has seen.

Disappointing, no VFC. The gas MP7 my boy.

Will add it but having this error things that says can’t change poll after first 5 min

Damn even as an admeme I can’t change it.

I’m a dinosaur who loved Jin Ming and SKD/SDT …… but I realise that those last couple of old companies aren’t with us anymore :confused:


Just tried changing the poll again and it now says that I can’t have more then 20 options so I’m thinking if I create a separate poll and have it pinned to the top of the thread by an @moderators and we can just pretend like it’s one massive poll

Can you do 2 polls in 1 post? :thinking:

I’ll give it a try, can moderator’s pin comments to the top of posts ?

Prior to my GBBR I would say LDT for my MCX. I mean I have the CNC HK416A5 as well but I don’t think it would count as it didn’t come with gear box, motor or inner barrel.

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VFC also make the AEG MP7 which is sold under LDT.


We cannot.

20 characters.

Rip it’s just going to be what’s in there currently then so guess double bell is winning. if someone votes for wells I’ll move to Queensland and pledge my allegiance to wells for life and I’ll marry a wells mp5k

Well squiddy, if you wanna put the noose around your neck, i’ll hang ya…!


Now, i have a dirty old crab pot, that can serve as your matrimonial quarters.

The mp5k will make a nice match for you, as it leaks, knocks the lip off, and dumps it load in 2 seconds…

your room mate will be a rotting choock carcass, it will combine with your repugnant odour, to attract the crabs.

The crabs might give you some competition, for a crack at your mp5k missus, may the best man win…!! :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy:

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You just won the internet for me today @BME :joy::joy::joy:

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God fcking dammit lmao :rofl:

I don’t see no Westinghouse for the M25 in there so hard pass. Hey, just what you see, pal

Every brand has it’s caveats, and I don’t like to recommend anything.

Jin Ming- great nylon blasters, can be upgraded, though these days you can start with something better and upgrade to the same level cheaper in the end.

Jing Ji- The SLR CQB is the ubiquitous all rounder, with better upgrade options than JM, but upgrade works out cheaper in the long run if starting with something better, as with JM. I’ve never repaired one, only upgraded them! (lie, the only repair is always the nylon trigger broken by the heavy handed) Their magazines are fantastic.

JG- Great out of the box stuff. Their rifles have the airseal done, and usually a set of gears, piston and spring and they become awesome. Their pistols are great mid tier imo, as they just seem to always shoot a gel.

CYMA- imo, the best metal gearbox shell out of the factory, nylon externals are great value, awesome quality metal. But their mags suck, their motors suck, their air seals suck, easy fixes and upgrade, the juice is worth the squeeze. Their nylon v2 is more capable than some metal boxes once internals are upgraded.

Double Bell- best value and out of box experience yet imo. Shimmed decently, airseal good. Kinda hard not to recommend, especially for newcomers.

We-tech- if you are looking for a glock, get a WE-Tech. Good quality, painfully likes smaller gels but reliable in function.

Honourable mention- LDT- Great externals at all the price points. Reasonable internals, especially if you get something with an LDX, and the LDX lineup helps those with poor gearboxes get decent ones. Even though split boxes are over-rated imo, still great option over many other “drop in” gearbox upgrades.

Side note, dumpster fire grade: Wells/Classic army/Lightening… whatever other brand this is being palmed off as.
Wells: At least the brand name implies what it belongs at the bottom of.

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Thanks @RokSolid , a very in depth breakdown :ok_hand:

On point there Sir. :ok_hand:

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