Fire select not working after pulling gearbox apart

Hi all, I am back with more issues from the trusted possessed cyma. This time the fire select is being an issue. When the fire mode is on safety, it is working fine, when you select semi auto it is full auto, and full auto is working fine. Anyone have a fix?

Will either be th fire select lever on the gearbox isn’t aligning right or the cut off lever inside isn’t engaging properly.

How do I fix that?
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Pretty much pull it apart, make sure everything is moving freely that should and put it back together, there’s not really any quick and easy fix.

These two parts, the cutoff is under the sector gear.

It’s more the selector plate on the outside that engages with the cutoff, check if there’s a little spring on there.

There is a little spring on there

There’s also the little trick of having to have your external fire select lever set to semi auto when reassembling the gearbox into the receiver, and making sure that the fire select lever on the side of the gearbox is in the correct orientation to engage with the selector lever as the two parts are fitted together.

If the selector slide cutout and the cam wheel on the selector lever are out of alignment, then they will cause all sorts of malfunctions once assembled :roll_eyes:


Thanks will try! Been a bit busy

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