First impressions East and Crane Glock 45

Link to where I purchased the pistol.

Just another Glock to add to the flood of Glocks on the market. This time a fairly new to us manufacturer. East and Crane are being hyped as a decent manufacturer but so was Wells at the beginning of the GBB hype train so we take that with a pinch of salt.

I haven’t had a chance to chrono this one yet but will update soon with results.

First impressions
Not a lot of obvious difference in this Gen 5 Glock but a couple of things that stood out are the flared mag well and ambidextrous slide release. Slide feels snappy to rack and runs along its rails without too much slop. Some rattle is always there when you shake the pistol but this is minimal and expected.

Glocks always feel “cheap” in the hand to me but usually operate well. The lower of this is no exception in providing that lack luster feel. Comfort and practicality is what’s offered. The slide feels well made and the trades are nicely marked.

I asked what mags are compatible and was told P1 mags will work. I have WE, Double Bell and Armourer Works to test later. Poseidon mags do not work, I can confirm already.

Dry firing showed the pistol cycles as expected and the supplied mag filled easily with no leaks.

Trigger is not sloppy at all, standard sights are brightly marked and the safety under the front rail is functional. AliExpress X300 torch fits very nicely with no annoying wobble.



$200 for a GBB…is pretty sweet.
affordable entry level GBB…

Double bell mags work in my E&C G19x

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Got a chance to test mags and yeah DB are fine. Poseidon and WE Tech do not work with the E&C Glock.


Initial chronograph run was impressive. Just using Bunnings gas.


Stick a switch on it :laughing: