G19 mag compatibility

Merry Xmas everyone!, has anyone tried a WE mag in a E&C G lock?
My double bell mag works fine in it so thinking if a WE mag works in a double bell? Maybe all g locks are TM spec unless WE run different

you have to mod the mag lips on the we mags i was told at wat

The WE mags are a bit too tall. When the slide cycles it will get caught on the gas seal/opening.

I’m not sure what you would replace the seal with, but if you find out, I’d like to know as well :sweat_smile:

It’s simply a matter of having the blaster disassembled and manually cycling through the gearbox/magazine function and timing.

If the feed lips sit too high, can either lower the magazine catch or file carefully down the lips to align with the rest of the mechanisms.

Everything Gelblaster related, whether it be AEG or GBB etc are all still only mass produced “toys”, no matter how expensive and technical they are.

Building and customising every single type and model of Gelblaster available on the market involves a full strip down and many specific modifications to make them work efficiently and reliably.

Thanks all! I’ll grab another bell g17 mag when I can that seems to be the best for the E&C