Gas AKs any good?

I recall seeing some feedback on the 74U when it came out, but I haven’t seen anything on the AK-47 gas versions (eg the ones from Ihobby). Has anyone owned one of these or know of any reviews of the gel blaster versions?



They’re all basically the same thing, fed by the same 12 gel magazines that are a PITA to reload. The non 74u versions also all have co2 magazines, that are harsher on your blasters wear and tear, and are apparently very leaky.

If you want it as a wall hanger, or to show off your cool ak to friends, it will pass.

It is not worth it as a plinker, or gameplay blaster.


As a bit of extra info a mate of mine came up with a fix for the magazine. Filing off a portion of the release tab so it is angled at the end means that the gels do not release until the gel holder is fully engaged in the mag. This prevents the gels prematurely releasing and losing mag capacity and feeding poorly.