GBX Trigger Issue

I’ve got the full metal GBX M4, hardly used it and now the trigger has got a hard click halfway through the full action.

Any ideas…??

Can only but disassemble it and see what’s the issue.

Most likely something to do with the trolley or associated cut off lever/return springs/mechanical action of the trigger mechanism.

shouldn’t be too hard to rectify :+1:

You will probably have to replace the trigger block/trolley, recommend an SHS item.

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Thx, what part is the trigger block trolley part…??

I’ve only put less than 10 mags through it and it’s already broken, should I complain and take it back…???

Well if it’s a new blaster and you aren’t confident/comfortable with pulling it apart and voiding the warranty, then yes…… get in touch with the supplier and organise a refund/replacement :white_check_mark:

Honestly I would recommend you make it their problem and take it back… JG’s blasters are usually decent, however they are prone to mass production like any China QC.

Trigger switch, block. My local M4a1 has them for $10.

…unless you are me lol. I personally would just switch it out and move on, but I open EVERY blaster I buy and void the warranty the moment I confirm it works and nothing is missing broken on exterior. I also buy broken junk and get it working for fun… so don’t be me unless it is your kind of fun. I also fix them in a professional capacity for a few years… sucker for punishment.

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Absolutely right mate!

Hence why I advised to just tear it open and fix the problem himself, as long as he had the skills/confidence to do the easy fix…… or if not, return for a refund/replacement whilst still under warranty.

I’m the same as you @RokSolid , which was obvious from all of the many brand new release blasters that I received and immediately stripped to pieces to review and photograph them for the old GBF members/public to see :+1:

Definitely never cared about warranties or returning faulty blasters, because as you said, it was standard practice to disassemble, inspect, rectify factory faults in any new blaster straight out of the box anyways :sunglasses:

Unfortunately a large percentage of new blaster buyers don’t have the experience/knowledge to do this, so have to rely on the product functioning OOTB as delivered and having no option other than to return to the supplier when they encounter issues with their shiny new non-functioning toy :frowning:

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I’ve had CYMA M4s that suffer from the same problem… after reassembly there’s a definite click on trigger pull and fire selection doesn’t function correctly.

For me it’s usually after a trigger swap, say original nylon to aftermarket metal. With some upgrade triggers the lug on the top of the trigger which engages the trolley slips off because the lug’s slightly smaller… don’t ask me why, but disassembly and reassembly paying attention to how the fire select cam locates in the slide seems to correct the problem. Not sure if that’s relavent to your issue if you’ve not cracked it open though.

It does mean pulling the box out of the receiver lower, so if you’re not comfortable doing that and worried about voiding your warranty I would definitely contact the retailer you bought it off and let them sort it out.