GE and DB Hi-Capa compatibility

Are parts from Golden Eagle and Double Bell Hi-Capa compatible with each other?

While I don’t have them here to go and test stuff like slides, and pins, I can say that I swapped the grip off my Double Bell hi-capa on to her JG one from M4A1. Everything fit flawlessly except for the magazine release, which was extremely stiff in the DB grip.

So the answer is probably “mostly”.

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Oh I was wondering if the parts from the GE TTI 2011 are swappable for the DB TTI 2011.

Both look rubbish with their inaccuracies.

GE is JG, so it should still apply.

uh so the one i believe if fully tm compatible internally n externally is the GE one. i couldn’t fit my new blow back housing in the double bell nor were the slide compatible with the frames

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So the mid frames don’t work?

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i had all 3 versions on the market at one point but iv gotten rid of one of them
the slide from the GE fits on everything but the double bells didnt. the blowback housing i bought didnt want to fit into it and found out id have to change the uh thingy that holds the barrel if i wanted to use the new nozzle also.

as for guide rod no issue there, uh i had a few issues with changing the grips across frames if you ever plan on doing that the one i got rid of i forgot the brand wasn’t compatible with the db or ge core of the frame n wouldn’t hold the hammer diffrent sear springs didnt solve this issue

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oh and avoid we mags on the ge if u buy it yes they are good quality but u either need to change the hammer out or have a larger surface on the mag

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The idea is to keep:

  • GE grip + trigger
  • DB Mid frame assembly
  • DB mag release (it’s flared on the DB version)
  • DB outer barrel
  • GE inner barrel
  • GE Slide + BB housing

to make it a more screen accurate TTI 2011.

might i ask you to link the ones you are looking at i see theres sum new ones on the market kek

Hm interesting i have the double bell, but going back the one i was able to mod up for myself was actually a Jag import the golden eagle does have a diffrent sub frame but what looks to be the same grip


I noticed that the DB TTI 2011 offered by TEH is different to the one offered by ihobby.

ihobby offers the crappy grips while TEH offers the nicer, more accurate grips. I am not even sure if it’s false advertising.

Feels bad for the broken hammer though.

kek the things seen a hard life but is my bb, i didnt realise how many of these are on the market now

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