Ge gbbr hop up

Hi has any one taken out the internal hop up out of thE , GE GBBR. Is it glued in or pushed in .

Pretty sure it’s just glued in.
I have needed to take it out but a mate of mine took his out and had a look at it.

The one in mine looks just like the LDT slimline hop up

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Hi l think the hop up could be better,when I look down the barrel the hop up is not straight , so gel shoots , swerve, to the left , I’ve straightened it out , the tip lip of the hop up hangs down even when wound up still hangers , so I’ve rubber glued the top lip so it’ll only wound down when wound down ., so Iam waiting for a new charging handle it broke . I’ll test it then.

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Yeah the hop looks very similar to the mp5 one but there is some small differences particularly around the bottom channel.

And yes the hop does need to be straight otherwise it can affect the gel hop.
I’ve had no issues with mine.
Just make sure your inner barrel is clean too. Gel debris will affect the gels accuracy.

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This :point_up::point_up::point_up:
When people complain about exploding gels and poor accuracy…… the barrels can be full of gel chowder causing all types of uneven friction to the gels travelling through the barrel :confused:
I always had a barrel cleaning rod on hand as a given piece of equipment for any kit-out.

Just like the real steel, a clean barrel is a happy barrel, so should always be kept clean and maintained for best performance and accuracy :ok_hand:


Little off topic but does the forward assist function on the golden eagle?
Looks like the GM one does but much more expensive at the moment

Yes the GE forward assist works. They are a bit of gimmick and I always find it amusing that people focus on it as there is no real reason you use it. I have both a GE and a GM MWS M4 and there is no reason to use the forward assist to force the bolt carrier into battery.
Can you do it? Yes. Do you need to? No.

Awww come on man but ya gotta do your S.P.O.R.T.S :rofl: :laughing: :+1:

Thanks guys 100% a gimmick but I love that it has function still and not just a dummy plug.
Seems like the GM and ge are close match in quality?

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No comparison when it comes to quality.

It’s very hard to explain without having the two in front of you but I will lead with this -

In my opinion the MWS is easily worth every cent over the cost of the GE.

Build quality of the GM MWS is unparrelled in the gel world. Closest would be the AEG LDT MCX which is actually a rebadged VFC with LDX internals.
The GM is better than that.
Functionally it is superior to the GE with reliable lock back and better efficiency.
The GM has all correct trademarks and one of the most accurate PMAGs you can get even in the airsoft world.
Finish is beautiful. The handguard is stunning and receiver finish looks awesome. All the fittings are phosphated steel and look spot on.

The disclaimer is the GE is accurate out of the box and simple for the average user however it is fragile. My charging handle broke within 2 weeks and I’ve seen multiple break. I’ve seen 2 buffer tubes break and I’ve seen 2 lowers break just above where the rear of the trigger guard is pinned. The internals are solid but the externals are fragile.

The MWS is bullet proof - I haven’t broken a single thing.
However it took a lot of work to make it a competitive GBBR for gaming.
The gels can jam in the mag when sitting for extended periods. I combat this with undergrown gels grown to 6.9mm. But it requires then a custom barrel to suit the smaller diameter gels. You also need a suitable hop up. I also chamfered the magazine follower to assist feeding. But with these changes hands down it is the best blaster of I have ever owned.

Hope this info helps.


Is it possible that the GM is made in TAIWAN and not from the generic Chinese manufacturers?

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Ohh that’s interesting had good experiences with the Taiwan stuff.

That helps heaps Jas thank you for the info💪 maybe I’ll wait and not jump on the GE deals at the moment. Not a fan of the string mag too

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Nah mate. Still made in China but to a higher standard.
There are a couple of airsoft manufacturers such as BJTac and GM where the product is made in China but the purpose is to replace standard TM MWS components with equal or better quality components.

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It’s hard to see in photos but these are made by BJTac and the quality is next level. These are sold in Japan and HK for MWS M4. The gas block is phosphated steel.
The charging handle is CNC aluminium. Nothing we get over here compares.
But they are made in China. Just to a standard that even the incredibly fussy Japanese airsofters are stoked with.

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Yeah those Japanese players are insane with their gear and games…… bigger than the Olympics!

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Yeah mate.
That’s where all my inspiration comes from.
Just to clarify those photos are mine. They are parts I’ve ordered and fitted to my MWS.
The only standard parts on mine now are is the trigger box and receiver. And I’m waiting on my BCM receiver to arrive. :sweat_smile:

Thanks @Jas for explaining for a long time.

Basicly it’s cheap china make very cheap and break no warranty don’t give a fuck or you can, or used to get high quality items made in China. Where as places like Taiwan, Japan where the og AEG got invented, and Hong China Kong made to better standards acroos the board.

After WW2 Japan with the help of western countries went through an industrial revolution. Invented their own Jap JIS screws instead of the stupid phillips screws and everything you touch now is JIS unless you get chinese shit which is wheel nuts and old fords melted with a goat for good wuck. :rofl:

Thanks for the info guys, does the GM mag fit the golden eagle? I heard the GM is Tokyo marui spec not sure about the golden eagle

No mate. GM is MWS. GE is WA. Completely incompatible.

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