Gelblasters in Canada

Hello everyone,
I live in Canada and i am new to this.
My friends bought some Gelblasters from the brand surge and splatrrball and i wanted to ask you guys which one should i get that are available here in Canada or that i can get delivered without customs snatching it or something like that.
There aren’t many options out here and after some long research i found only 2 models that are interesting which are the Surge XL which i dont like the design and XShot HPG 700 ( i wanted to get this because it looks really good for the price apparently it’s got a very common issue where it just stops working ).
So i was wondering if some of y’all know which ones i can get here in Canada and if you have some recommendations for a beginner friendly blaster than i can use for a long time and maybe get into modding down the line.
Thanks a lot.

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Welcome to the group! :wave:

Most of us in this group are Aussie based, mostly Queensland, and we do have very different options when it comes to models and manufacturers, so advice on the best seller for you is a bit of a crap shoot for us. Not really sure about Canadian import restrictions, permit requirements for importing, etc. either and that will be a big factor in choice for you. :man_shrugging:

But with the recent influx of internationals like yourself, with a little luck there will be other Canada based enthusiasts who can give you the good oil on who to buy from. Google and Youtube are great resources for review info on gear you may be considering.

As a general rule that applies anywhere, any of the standard gearbox formats like Gen 8, V2 or V3 are proven easy modding candidates as upgrade parts are plentiful and readily available online. Just avoid any blaster that uses proprietry gears, t pieces, etc or you’ll be stuck with limited options.

Dive in, share your modding experiences with us… you’ll find there are plenty of helpful members in here that are more than happy to offer tech advice or help with troubleshooting issues. But above all, have fun with it. :+1:


Thanks a lot i appreciate it

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Give Evike outpost Ontario a call. Evike have a range of gel blasters.

Evike Outpost Ontario

Results for gel blaster (


Alright i’ll check it out brother thanks

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Wow… Evike are branching out into gel blasters too.

There ya go… :wink:

If you can could you give me an expert view on which one i should get from them ?
I have a budget of 200 $ cad max

I just checked and it looks like it’s not Ontario in Canada but a place called Ontario in Las Vegas in the US :confused:

Oh you’re right California. Info given was wrong when I looked, blame google. Sorry pal.

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Yeah, a quick google search for gel blasters in Canada just gave me Amazon… and the only blasters they seem to sell are bright plastic sci-fi pistols. :man_shrugging:

Etsy Canada has a few up.

Must be early days for the hobby in Canada, nobody seems to be selling the military replicas.

Searched 12hrs ago the Ai was telling me different. It’s blanked off now, wtf. Google legit said it was Ontario Canada.

I should of snapshot it because it is gone now. And yea that’s all folks…