Glock 18? 🤔

I want to buy a Glock 18, does anyone advise me of a particular one, I can only buy at Zhenduotoys because I am European… unless you know of a Chinese store, they will surely ship to Spain, regards, I hope for an answer, regards

Are you looking for gas or electric? If gas, the double bell one would be your best bet, if there’s a way to get it to you.
But if you’re after electric, the best option would be the SKD g18 or the JinMing glock 18. Both can be upgraded to a usable point.

I’ve heard horrible things about the Jin Ming G18, and I do not recommend it. Apparently it’s quite prone to breaking, compared to the SKD.

The SKD is a real warrior, it can take a hell of a beating. It was the first blaster I bought, and it was still working like a champion over a year after I first got it.

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I wish I could buy a gas one but it would have to come from China :sweat_smile: so I’ll opt for the skd :man_shrugging:t4: if I find it in zhenduo of course :sob::sob:

I found both in zhenduo… but aesthetically I like one more than the other (I’m talking about the two skds I’ve seen.

I don’t like the glock 18s very much aesthetically and I love the glock 18 that has the orange trigger :upside_down_face: however the glock 18s is more expensive (I suppose it will have better quality)

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The more expensive one has an extra battery in the flashlight.

The extra battery will increase the fire rate, but it also has a circuit that breaks very easily, if you plug in the battery in the wrong order.

I recommend the cheaper one with the orange trigger.

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Thanks mate to find out if I can buy a gas one and if not I will buy the skd glock 18 with the orange trigger. a greeting and a flurry of balls :raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


For electric pistol the old skd is probably as reliable as it comes. The jinming pistol is utter trash, they will probably break the first week.