Golden Eagle 1911 GBB Pistol

A long time ago this Golden Eagle 1911 GBB pistol was dumped on me fully disassembled… the previous owner had it to a number of techs who couldn’t work out why the slide wouldn’t rack.

Today I decided to put it back together with the view to using it as a display if the parts in the lower were too flogged out to work with.

It functions again quite well with the judicious application of some lubricant and a logical approach to reassembly, but there are two points of failure with it. The slide will not lock back on empty mag and the slide lock pin will rattle out due to wear on the detent bock.

I can buy a GE replacement cheap enough from iHobby but it’s not for this model so I’m not sure if it’s compatible.

POST EDIT : Just found out from watching a review of these by Bradley Phillips that while Double Bell mags are compatible they won’t lock the slide back when empty… may be my problem with this one. :thinking:

Can anyone confirm that with GE 1911s there’s a bit of cross compatibilty, with this part in particular?

The other issue is the ambi safety levers… clearly some ham fisted tech has wrestled these around in an attempt to disassemble and the triangular key together feature is pretty flogged out resulting in about 3mm of rotational play between the two levers. I can’t find a replacement ambi safety anywhere outside the US online.

Anyone have any clues where I might pick one up?

surely this slide catch will work on Golden Eagle hi-capas as it is original from the manufacturer. But the failure of slide stop may also come from the mag follower, as it is worked by the catch and mag together.


I kind of came up with a work around on the slide catch.

I replaced the spring loaded detent pin with a slightly longer one to put a little more pressure on it. It doesn’t rattle out now.

As far as I can tell, the slide not locking back is because the two mags I was using are an aftermarket Double Bell and the original mag that came with the pistol which I assume is GE. Seems to lock back okay with one but not the other. Bradley Phillips mentioned on an old review that if you use DB mags on GE pistols you lose the lock back feature, so I’m going with that.

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