Golden eagle MC6625M M4 CQB question

Just so im not going off topic in other posts. and it helps other people with the same question.

Im looking at getting the golden eagle MC6625M M4 CQB. Am i able to change the handguard to other styles of M4 handguards? Im looking at getting a Strike industry handguard for it if i buy this blaster.

I do not know if it would fit or if i would have to modify it to fit.

Hey man, don’t take my word for it but i think they won’t be compatible, seems like the GE M4 cqb uses locking but system for the hand guard, however the slr uses more like a clamping system for there hand guards, if the slr hand guard fit over the locking nut it could just be a matter of clapping it down but I think they would be different diameters,

Sorry if this was no help but it’s all I know

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dont need to be sorry mate.

I believe you can remove the nut from the original hand guard. But i have a more pressing issue of GBU being GBU and selling stuff that they dont have in stock and now deciding to send me a hand guard thats $30 cheaper than what i actually brought.

I have spoken to Bay city arena and they have informed me that using other nuts will work fine on GBBR stuff. Just now gotta get a different handguard


I don’t own a GBBR but I would imagine it’s the same or similar setup to a barrel nut on an AEG with the barrel nut clamping the outer barrel to the receiver via the thread.

So like if the stock handguard uses a barrel nut setup like an AEG I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work.

If you got any standard AEGs you could use those to test with, 9/10 M4 handguards are the same thread.

Oh god really… well dust this one off :laughing: