Guerilla Blasters closing down

On their Facebook page today they announced their closing the field something to do with lease not being renewed I think it was. They had been trying to find a new location but the 1 months notice didn’t help them. I think they’re planning to reopen as an indoor field once they find a new location.

Abit of a shame as this was always a great field and staff. They were constantly putting money into expanding the field to make it more exciting. Hopefully it’s not to long until there up and running again.


Dang shame. First Taidi and now Guerilla - victims of investor/landlords.

Hope they find a new site.

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Wow, this sucks it was a good field with the right amount of people. Sad to see this go, as it was really close. Am looking to go blasting in the next two weeks before holidays and was hoping to go to guerilla if the weather was good. Hopefully they can find somewhere new that works for them.