Handguards for gen 8

I was wanting to buy the jingji slr 10in handguard but not sure if it will fit on my gen 8 m4a1 im alittle confused i bought the handguard adapter already but confused with what some of the research ive done and some say yes and some say no

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The JJ handguard cannot be fit into the gen 8 m4 directly. The JJ handguard is one piece design. The Gen 8 handguard is made of 2 parts. However, there may be some differences for any new gen 8 which exceed my understanding.

The Gen8’s require an alloy adapter that attaches to the crappy little twist lock original receiver mould design to convert it into a standard smooth barrel nut/handguard attachment system.

I converted many Gen8’s with these adapters, and the trick was to throw away the tiny little grub screws that are provided to clamp the adapter onto the front of the receiver.

Shim the gap between receiver and adapter as tight as possible , which I custom fitted a machined aluminium sleeve over the original Gen8 twist lock moulding, then drilled through the adapter rings and fitted larger diameter and longer grub screws to really clamp down on the receiver moulding and make the handguard mounts as solid as a rock! :ok_hand:

Like everything with building/modifying Gelblasters……, don’t just buy a product and expect it to fit/work……. you need to engage the brain with your two hands and figure out a way to make these parts much stronger than what they are as delivered straight out of the box! :face_with_monocle:

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ZCI 10" Aluminum CNC Keymod Handguard for M4 (Black)ZCI

Would this handguard fit a gen 8 idk if it need a barrel nut or not or basically i need to go with a 2piece or clamshell type handguard

As @DocBob mentioned, some tricks need to be done. Would your gen 8 blaster similar to this one? Similar adapter may work on your one.

I used exactly the same handguard adapters on my Gen8 builds to add alloy handguards and outer barrels.

Do NOT attach them as shown in the above video :flushed:. Because the Gen8 is a clamshell Receiver, if you try and fit this adapter with the grub screws lined up central in the vertical position, they will simply bottom out exactly where the two halves of your receiver join together, which the grub screws will only split the two sides apart at the seams and not hold the adapter in place at all :roll_eyes:

I recommend turning the adapter 90° so that the grub screw holes are aligned to clamp down against both side of the receiver shell instead.

I recommend using longer grub screws on the adapter and drilling two shallow holes in the sides of the receiver halves itself for them to lock into more firmly……… only shallow enough to allow the longer grub screws to recess into, whilst still maintaining enough meat under the holes to allow the screws to still clamp down against the sides of the receiver.

This is the very best method that I found to ensure that the handguard and the adapter were as solid and secure as possible, which cannot be done if you follow this video tutorial or any other instructions that tell you to mount these with the grub screws in the vertical position.

For added strength, I would also drill and tap two extra grub screws on the adapter to give even more locking performance, but that’s not absolutely necessary…… only me being pedantic about my work! :joy:

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