Has anyone played at Wounded Heroes lately?

Just saw that they have a Saturday game from 10:00 until 2:00pm. Haven’t been there since the days of the junkyard. Anyone got any recent experiences?


I used to try to go there nearly every week until they change hands last year. I can’t comment on how it is now, but I used to love the container map. Good mix of ranges, the cover was adequate, and it really rewarded teamwork (what map doesn’t though?) The junkyard is mostly unchanged from what you probably remember, still a bit too open, and could really benefit from some line-of-sight blockers to get people moving up, but good if you like moving dynamically, it loves team momentum.

I can’t say what the turnout will be these days, but it would average around 16~ when I went last year.

If you go, I hope to hear good news.

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Was an interesting day. Had a few stragglers so games started a bit late. Usual death match in the containers was fun, and there weren’t any running and gunning players which helped teamwork. Domination in the junkyard was OK, but there isn’t enough cover to be able to advance without getting cleaned up. Day was spoilt by a number of kids that wouldn’t call their hits (all the time). One of them ended up getting mag dumped by a hpa player after he had had enough.