Has anyone tried the LDT ATM Gearbox ("Electronic Gas Blow Back")?


Hey gang,

I’ve been looking at the LDT ATM gearbox (Link) and it seems too good to be true.

I’m wondering if it lives up to the advertising; if it really is “All the bonuses of a GBBR with none of the downsides”

For me to try it myself, I’d need to drop ~$1,100 on the gearbox, and a compatible receiver. I’d need to see a few reviews before I part with that much cheddar.

Thanks for the input ahead of time


No I haven’t, but if it dispenses cash I’m in!

I bought the E&C BCM MCMR-9 EBBR (ATM GEARBOX) from WAT ($999) a week ago, but I haven’t put a battery in and try it myself (too busy with work ). However, they have tried it for me at WAT when I bought it , it is awesome.