Has anyone try or gotten the new dekai scar mk16 blaster? Can I have some reviews?

Not familiar with the brand De Kai, certainly not here in Australia. What’s your country of origin?

Not much info on the internet about them, just this review with no talking. The programmable FCU looks intetesting though.


Thanks for answering. It’s actually using the acr jinming 10 gearbox.

But is the jinming v10 acr gearbox good? Is it a v2 gearbox?

The JinMing J10 gearbox is a Hybrid design that was a progression from the original Gen8, redesigned for the Gen9/10 as a step towards what is now known as the standard V2 gearbox.

So no, they aren’t a standard V2 in their shape/dimensions, but share many of the same internal components as the V2’s :+1:

They are a good gearbox in the sense that there’s no inherent issues with them and they have the same ability to be upgraded using the same parts as any other model of gearbox. :white_check_mark:


Damn shame JM didn’t do the ACR’s with this FCU, Doc… would have made a solid blaster even better. :+1:

Thanks Doc, for sharing the knowledge