Hi capa

Hi what are your thoughts on the best brand/ model hi capa pistols available at the moment any advice etc would be appreciated

I don’t know about best, or upgradable, but my JG 5.1 hicapa has treated me well. It isn’t fussy with gels, and it always shoots a gel. Unless the gels are old and have been in the mag for hours and dried out, but generally, no pistol I have likes this.
Why do I like this? Well, my other pistols are Armourer Works and Wetechs, and they like gels a bit on the smaller side, or they wont feed reliably. The pistols themselves have been reliable, just fussy with gels.
Due to this, the JG seems to wind up on my belt at every game. It also has been a lot neglected for 16 months, only truly serviced it twice, and a couple of quick lazy lubings, and it just runs, every time. And never had to replace any parts in it yet. I like it.


My girlfriend has a JG, and I ran a Double Bell back in the day. Both were extremely solid and well suited for running on green gas with no misfeeds or errors. The DB is even decently accurate.

Just do NOT get an Atomic Armoury or Wells, they’re not ‘hicapas’, they’re Para Ordnance P14 replicas and are incompatible with most upgrades.


Thanks, any thoughts on golden eagle, there seems to be a lot of different models from different suppliers

Build quality tends to be below DB, but far above Wells/AA.

I believe the main attraction for Golden Eagle is compatibility with aftermarket upgrade parts.

Can’t go past the we techs mines never missed a beat. Gets a scream from people when they get hit :joy:.

I must live in a different universe - my best 1911 based GBB is a wells P14 (reliable and accurate with DB barrel) and worst is a WeTech Hi-Capa 4.3 - although a golden eagle glock barrel helped. WeTech slide rattles, it destroys anything but dried 7.1 elites and has never locked back on empty on any mag

Different story for glocks - wells is worst (both worn out and no parts support) while cheapest Double Bell G22 is best (runs most gels reliably)


You must have a unicorn wells 1911, most did not survive the first year.
That is my biggest problem with my we-techs, fussy on gels, and does not like full size gels at all. I have found the X-force Predator v2 gels are great in wetechs, they are about 7.1mm at full grow. had good success in feeding my wetech glocks so far.

How long did you grow your predator v2’s for? I gave them a go but found they just kept breaking.

I always laughed about the pre-production FB GLOCK G18C Pistol that I got sent to review.
That thing was as reliable as the sun coming up each day, and yet, the final version released for sale was a complete piece of shite! :flushed::joy:

Just 4 hours… didn’t have a problem with breakages… though they were not as hard as ultra elite, close enough for wetechs.

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