High Capacity Magazines?

Hey guys,

Whats the consensus on the best way to increase your magazine capacity, drum mags, mag clips, high cap mags?

Drums mags seem the obvious choice for high cap, any experience with the best one to go with?

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What blaster is it for?

I prefer drum mags myself. Some types can be unreliable I’ve read. All my XYL and Wells drums work 100% :+1:

For a SRC SR4, not an expert here but I believe it takes Gen 8 mags.

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Easiest way is to use a mag connector clip, or simply buy a ZB26 and pew away until the cows come home! :joy:

But seriously, mag capacity takes realestate, so you can cut/shut/double stack/modify any magazine with enough parts and glue that you want to achieve :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Research @Bigmuthadrums mad scientist creations and you will find that nothing is impossible!

Hopefully some one else knows. If gen8 then plenty of options.

Drum Magazine for JM Gen.8 M4 - Black - X-Force Tactical

Nylon Drum Magazine for JM Gen8 M4/Gen9 M4/Gen10 ACR - X-Force Tactical

AEG M4 - Dual Drum Magazine compatible with Gel Blasters with a Gen 8 – VIPERTAC

I remember some one posted the dual drum type the gels get stuck and it doesn’t feed so well.

The types of drums I use are single drum and easy to load, open a hole in front don’t even need to remove from blaster, can fill up on the go from a bottle of gels and keep spraying. The size is hardly noticeable.

The only Gen8 mags I use are the standard type so can’t comment on how good or bad the ones linked above are.

I detest drum mags, but love the looks of the twin drums from my kink with WW2 stuff! :joy:

Plenty of drums available for pretty much any model blaster on the market, but as you said, they have a woeful reputation for feeding consistently :roll_eyes:

I have not had a great run with drum mags. Nearly all the ones I have purchased except XYL ARP9 drum, and two gen8 style drums have all had feeding issues, or will work in one or two of my m4s and not the other 12. Hit and miss. The double drum was okay once I discovered that they have a resistor in the mag wires slowing the feed motors down, removed and it worked great, did have to shave the rear spine to fit more blasters though. The SKD drums work but one of them needs a bit of extra contact material added to the terminals as they were just not contacting most of my m4s terminals, again, one issue and its sorted.
I just run normal mags, it is what I like and just had far less issues over time with them.

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I’ve made plenty of drum mags over the years, although I’d never claim to be in BigMuthaDrums territory.

Made drum mags for the old Beretta M90Two, Scorpion EVO, etc… pretty easy to graft a drum onto an existing stick magazine structurally. I found MP7 drums the best size, unless you’re looking for mega capacity. I made a custom drum mag for a Gen 9 that held about 1K of gels.

The hardest part is always the feed tube but the right sized pvc tube fixes that issue.

They’ve mostly been given away or stashed away in boxes because I just don’t groove on the aesthetic. If I wanted high capacity I’d just run an M249 SAW and be done with it. :person_shrugging:

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Not much love for off the shelf drums mags.

Has anyone experience with this magazine? I’ve fondled it in the shop however the sales guy didn’t have any experience with it.

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Haven’t looked at these first hand, but the concept’s sound enough. Made something similar for a Vector years ago, but ganged inline not side by side. Worked well and looked sweet. :+1:

That arrangement would definitely be less awkward and bulky as a round drum, a lot more pleasing to the eye too.

Give one of those a go I guess :person_shrugging:. I don’t recall anyone mentioning if they were good or bad.

Thanks for the replies I’ll grab a high capacity I linked and a magazine clamp and see what works on the field.

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