High ROF mags

possibly a silly question,

I recently went from an 18:1 to 13:1 gear ratio. Now with the faster fire rate, it’s like the gels are struggling to keep up with the gearbox so it’s dry firing most of the time (gel comes out, gel comes out, blank, gel comes out, repeat). I’m just using stock gen 8 mags, so is this an issue with crappy mags or something else within the gearbox?

Are they the Gen8 mags that are like a clamshell design, Like if you were to pull it apart? from memory those had rather slow motors in them.

The proper SLR mags ( they have a window on the sides) and I think it was EGM or something were there faster ones. Alternatively you can get faster mag motors but that involves soldering the new motor in.

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JM M4A1 Gen 8 Standard Mag ABS Plastic - X-Force Tactical

^ These are the ones I am currently using.

SLR M4 Nylon P Mag- Black - X-Force Tactical

^ And are these the SLR ones you mentioned? What’s the cheapest place to buy them?

Also, thanks for the help

Yeah the Pmags, umm not sure any one place will be cheaper unfortunately, the EMG ones were more pricey too.