Hop up tongues

Hi , I was thinking about the hop up tongues , which come with some hop up kits. I’ve 2 tongues one with fine ridges , the other course ridges, which one gives the best hop . Cheers . Ps or a good explanation.:wink:

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Test it out. The coarser one will give a more aggressive hop on hard gels. The finer tongue will be better for soft gels :+1:

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:+1:thanks Maiphut , there’s isn’t always guide or instructions with some of these products.

I always assumed that the different tongues would do differing effects for gel and fps, I have a couple of AKA hopups that come with two tonges, and a couple ihobby that come with three… never tried different tongues as they all worked… I should test them out one day.

Are we talking the top and bottom tongue hop ups like Rizer and U-Band? I didn’t know they gave you options. :person_shrugging:

I was dialling in an Eotech yesterday on an M4 CQB, at about 5 metres it consistently smacked a three inch target bang on to the reticule without a hop up, a good foot below it with hop up on… and not enough elevation adjustment on the Eotech to compensate.

Then I realised I’d put a top tongue only hop up on the thing. Flew level at distance but was coming out of the barrel with a downward trajectory.

Looks like I’m buying another hop up. :laughing:

Yep best way is to test out to suit, your gels, your fps. There is no set what works for me works for you.

Some hop ups would have little effect on dripping wet gels as they would slide. Then cranking the tongue down more would have the effect mentioned above of throwing it way low until the spin would make it come up at further distance.

Why I settled on a dried gel with a little bit of hop to get as flat a trajectory as I could get for a decent result.

Always had best reults with a DKJ10. That is top tongue only. Why I’m not sure, maybe because the tongue is wider than most and has more contact. :person_shrugging: But it didn’t like 400fps blasters with hard gels as it broke the tongue.