Horror/funny pictures for/from teching fails

In the last six or something years I have seen some amazing work… and some awful things. I’ve also been part of both becayhey we all start and learn somewhere!

I have many I could dig up, but this one is just a bit of fun to start you all off.

Share some light hearted fun. We don’t need to know who and where it came from and it is best we don’t, it is for having a giggle not having a dig!

From a friend. Had a go, it sounded horrible so you fix it!
…also had a broken tappet plate from using it a lot with no anti reverse spring… And some other stuffed parts.

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Or this one… Came in as it was jammed.

Yes it is one of the gearbox screws, and
I have no idea how it got there.

That diode in the first pic reminds me of when I made my first MOSFET for my famous old “Little Piggy” 430+ FPS Gen8.

I designed the whole lot on paper, purchased all the necessary electronics components, carefully soldered everything together and spent quite a lot of time getting everything to fit in the space below the motor in the pistol grip, as there was simply nowhere else to put it other than in the buffer tube.

First test fire, plugged in the battery, loaded a full mag and pulled the trigger…………

………… poor thing went full tit relentlessly until I finally managed to get the stock off and unplug the battery, which by that stage there was a definite smell in the air of burnt electronics :flushed:

My whole focus was fully occupied with the MOSFET, and simply never occurred to me about having to fit a Diode in the system to prevent a loop from forming once the trigger was activated! :roll_eyes:

This might seem pretty simple and obvious these days, but this was back in 2018/2019 where MOSFETS/FCU’s/Mag Prime and any other electronics were ever released for Gelblasters.

Unfortunately the MOSFET I had only just finished making and fitting didn’t survive the 2-3 minutes of full noise with a heavy spring, high power output motor and battery :frowning:

A great example of how everything must be planned out and the need to look at every single individual component when modifying Gelblasters, and take into consideration how upgrading one component can effect other components in the whole system.


Where :thinking: that should be fine haha


Yep that fits :laughing:

This guy literally blew out every bearing in his gearbox, the other bearings that are in the gearbox look fine but when I went to take them out they just fell apart :rofl: first time I’ve ever seen this

I’ve definitely seen my fair share of destroyed bearings inside gearboxes before, and it’s amazing how all of the teeth on all of those little spinning gears really don’t work to well with a handful of tiny little hardened steel balls running through them :flushed:

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I’ve seen many of that style bearing fail, even on stock blasters.
I recommend better bearings like SHS, but only on the bevel gear, and only for 18/16:1s. Bushes are just more reliable.

I don’t mind putting one bearing on the top of the spur gear as most of the load is in the lower part, for that bushings are far better.

Totally agree about bearings on bevels and bushes everywhere else :+1:

Unfortunately I’m guilty of using those cheap bearings myself sometimes, but not on anything stupid and make sure they are well lubricated!

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Na it helps with lubrication I swear it’s better than grease :rofl: